England to become the next US state.

by Andy Abele in Sutton In Ashfield, England, United Kingdom

England to become the next US state.


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To leave the EU and secure our future as a new state of America

by Andy Abele in Sutton In Ashfield, England, United Kingdom

We have always had a good relationship with the US. We watch and enjoy all of their TV programs, we eat their food, drink their drinks, drive their cars, love Disney, aspire to be free and have the same moral values and anger at foreign dictatorships. They have always helped us in our hour of need.

Contrast that with the EU... We don’t eat horse, we don’t watch their programs, and they hate us (just watch the Eurovision Song Contest for proof of this).

What I propose is we use the £39 Billion that this government thinks we owe the EU to buy ourselves into the US of A and be a part of a truly major world force for good!

Let's make 'England to become the next US state.' happen

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