England and Wales Blind Golf International Team

England and Wales Blind Golf International Team

Sponsorship of England & Wales International Blind Golf Team, players and guides to compete against Scotland.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

England and Wales Blind Golf are looking for anyone who could help towards the funding of the upcoming Auld Enemies Cup against Scottish Blind Golf, being played at Kinross Golf Club from 18th Sept - 21st. The format is the same as the Ryder Cup. 

Following losing 2 major sponsors which supported the cost of travel for both players and guides who are the players eyes on the golf course. We are now having to take the cost of travel for the team based all over England & Wales out of the charities budget for the international, this has also had a kock on effect for team kit etc.  If there is anyone who can help the team with a financial donation or support please feel free to contact me andy@blindgolf.co.uk our website is www.blindgolf.co.uk.

Our team is made up of 13 players and guides making the team 26 strong, handicaps range from 10 - 54.  The game can be hard enough as any sighted person can understand but imagine if you couldn't see the ball etc.