Engineers without Borders placement with WindAid

Engineers without Borders placement with WindAid

Support my Engineers without Borders placement with Wind Aid in Peru, where I'll be volunteering to improve access to clean energy.

We did it!

On 30th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £480 with 14 supporters in 28 days

Thanks for visiting, I’m offering a collection of perks, so that you as a supporter get a little something back for your donation. Here’s the story...

What are you supporting?

In September 2016, ill be starting a 6 month international placement with the charity Engineers without Borders, where ill be working for a non government organisation called WindAid based in Trujillo Peru. I’ll be helping manufacture, and install wind turbines, and also I’ve got a personal project of developing a monitoring system of the turbines, for the first time they’ll have measurement data as too much power a turbine is producing. Hopefully the monitor will also be able send a message, so engineers can respond to breakdowns faster. As part of the costs of the program, I’ve got a target of £1500 which is approximately 15% of the placement cost. At time of going live, I've collected £900 through car boot sales, a Peruvian themed dinner, and two grants from grants from the Alchemy Foundation, the Douglas Bomford Trust £450. I need your help to get me to the finish, and you'll get a reward in return.


Who are Engineers without Borders?

Engineers Without Borders UK brings people, ideas and engineering together to deliver solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Our vision is a world where everyone has access to the engineering they need for a life free from poverty. Where engineering is for everyone, everywhere. We work with our members, partner organisations and the education sector to enable people to use their technical skills to aid human development. We believe that together we can create a new generation of globally responsible engineers.


Who are WindAid?

Engineers Without Borders UK partners with organisations and communities around the world to enhance their capacity to access or deliver engineering solutions. Our international placements programme sends qualified, volunteer engineers to enhance the engineering skills and knowledge of or our partners around the world while also providing a valuable learning experience for the volunteer. My partner is WindAid.

WindAid serves as an educational institute whose projects provide electricity to developing communities utilizing wind energy to provide a clean and reliable source of electricity in locations where traditional electricity is not available. Students and professionals come from all over the world to work together designing, building, and installing wind turbines. Each project contributes to the evolution of the design, or reinforces the solidity of the design concepts encouraging an environment of education and innovation.

Where is my donation going?

Donation = Fees + Costs of Material + Amount towards fund raising

Crowdfunding websites all have fees associated with them, between 5 and 6%, goes to the website, then depending on your choice of payment up to a further 3.5% is taken by that service provider. Paypal is the most expensive method, GoCardless is the cheapest at just 1% (this is a one off Direct Debit, no reoccurring payments will be taken). Selecting GoCardless will allow more of your money to go to the charity.

Costs of Materials
There’s obviously a cost for the perks I’m offering and these vary depending on what it is. For Peruvian items I’ve got budget costs from a friend in Peru, where ill source the items. All photography materials will be sourced from the UK.

After the fees and costs of material, the remaining balance, on average 70% goes towards my fund raising. For the climbing day there are no costs associated, I’m volunteering my personal time to take you out, so its closer to 90% going to the fundraising.

The money will then be transferred to Engineers Without Borders towards my fundraising total, which as of 30th May was £900. This has been fundraised, through car boot sales, grants from the Alchemy Foundation, the Douglas Bomford Trust, and my Peruvian themed dinner supported by a group of friends.


Information on the Perks

The delivery dates provided are estimates. Postcards will be sent from Peru at different points during the placement (September 2016 - February 2017), hopefully they are popular so I may have quite a few to send so bear with me. Hopefully you’ll get them before I get back!

The Peruvian t shirts and bracelets I’ll be bringing back with me, as its too expensive to send them from Peru. So I’ll get them to you when I’m back in 2017. Ill email you and get your size once purchased

Framed photos I’m hoping to make and get to Swansea based people by end of August 2016. For UK posted delivery it would be mid September 2016 at the latest.

Photo gallery

Please take a look at the collection on and follow the instructions here. At the end of June I will place an order for the total number of prints.

The climbing days I’ve planned for delivering these sessions between August 15th and 28th 2016, but we can also book it in for spring/summer 2017.

I plan to source community gifts like frisbees and footballs locally in Trujillo Peru, however I will source English language books here in the UK and take them over with me and added to a school(s) library for communal use by the children. Other teaching materials I will discuss with the teachers and source locally in Peru.


Project Updates

If you select to receive a postcard you'll get an project update and the work, but ill also be keeping a blog giving the details, I'll have regular access to wifi, so it won't be quite like my project work in Nicaragua. I'll be sure to send the link out to your email address, and post the updates on my facebook page. I'll also be using instagram if you wanted to follow the scenes in Peru.


Final Words

Thank you if you are reading this far down, if you have any questions for me get in touch through the website, and thank you once again for your support enabling me to undertake this international placement where I hope to be able to put my engineering and project management skills to good use, and on a personal level I hope to learn lots of new skills in particular to wind turbines and application of renewable technologies, and also improve my Spanish capabilities, hopefully in a technical context. Gracias por su apoyo! (Thanks for your support!). 


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