Eng DC/DM Book

Eng DC/DM Book

Publish a comprehensive book on Engineering DC/DM none in the market

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A How To / Why Book

Engineering Document Control for ALL

Author Huw Robert Grossmith

Huw Grossmith has over 38 years work experience, 25 in Engineering Document Control for various businesses such as EPCM’s, Operators & Constructors on small to mega projects he also has very strong IT skills and is a noted problem solver.

 Huw is passionate about his work.

The Book

I have written a book on Engineering DC.  There are only 3 others in the market but they focus solely on manufacturing in the US.  Mine focuses on Engineering Design, Construction and Operations across all sectors and is relevant in all countries.  There is a very strong market for it in the Middle East, Asia, South America and Africa.  A future plan is to have it as required reading, in the course fee, instead of providing course manuals for courses I present for a number of Training Companies and others have expressed an interest in the book for use with other trainers.

 Being a first time author the publishing houses want me to contribute to the cost of publication and I have found an excellent deal with one publisher but I just am not able to fund it.

Will split royalties a spreadsheet is available on forecast sales and royalty income.