by SHANTAL KILIE in London, England, United Kingdom

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My name is Suhaly and I are raising funds to send to families of victims who have been victimized by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARs )

by SHANTAL KILIE in London, England, United Kingdom

Widespread protests over Nigeria's hated special Anti-Robbery Squad ( SARS) are a sigh that the country's massive young population is finding its voice and demanding reform in Africa's most populous country, which has been characterised by poor governance.

Police officers in Nigeria generally have reputation for corruption, brutality and no regards for human rights, but people here have especially feelings against SARS, which has developed a notoriety for unduly profiling young people.

ENDSARS -special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a social movement in Nigeria that started on Twitter and Instagram calling for banning of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a unit of the Nigerian Police Force. It is a call to end police oppression and brutality in Nigeria. SARS officers profile youths largely based on appearance; arrest them without warrant, place false charges, put people in jail, rape women, and kill Nigerian youth. Since the protests started 5 days ago, at least 25 people have been killed by the Nigerian Police force . 

A report in June by Amnesty international said it documented at least 250 cases of torture, ill-treatment and extra-judicial executions by SARS between January 2017 and may 2020

The Nigeria authorities have failed to prosecute a single officer despite anti-torture legislation passed in 2017 and evidence that its members continue to use torture and other I'll treatment to execute, punish and extract information from suspects,"

This Crowdfundme campaign is in support of the multiple protests on ground, across the nation; it serves as a bridge for those who are unable to contribute directly to the cause. Proceeds will be distributed to verified and vetted grassroots organizations, such as Kokun Foundation , Feminist Co , and others, that are dedicated to meeting the needs of the protesters and the supporting the victims as well as the families of the victims who lost their lives. 

Despite the distance we can use our voices and donations to do our part for Nigeria.

All donations received will go to the Feminist Coalition https://feministcoalition2020.com and kokun foundation. They distribute funds all across Nigeria to sustain peaceful protests and ensure 100% visibility. they are both an organization that has mobilized capital and resources to provide medical assistance and legal services to protesters. The funds will be used to provide ambulances, pay for hospital bills, transport lawyers to police stations across the country to free wrongly arrested protesters and provide food and drink to protesters.

Thank you for your help!

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