Ending Grooming , Prostitution & Sexual Abuse

by Ending Young Girls Prostitution & Sexual Abuse. in Belvedere, Greater London, United Kingdom

Ending Grooming , Prostitution & Sexual Abuse


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This project will only be funded if at least £100,000 is pledged by 31st October 2021 at 11:37am

The aim of the project is to restore the identity and dignity, providing safe place, Food & shelter for females suffering from sexual abuse.

by Ending Young Girls Prostitution & Sexual Abuse. in Belvedere, Greater London, United Kingdom

My name is Oluwatoyin. I work for myself as an independent advice & support officer, a Christian counsellor helping young girls to regain back their lost dignity and Identity.

 Growing up for me was very difficult especially without my parents around me. Life was tough as a young girl from the age 5years old up to my adult stage where I had suffered abuse without no one to help or rescue me. I didn't have a proper education, food and a safe place to stay.

I am therefore raising this money to help save the lives of young girls who have experienced sexual abuse and exploitation, which may include any of the following:

  • sexual abuse, violence or exploitation;
  • female genital mutilation;
  • adults who experience trauma from historic sexual abuse or exploitation
  • people involved in sex work where it has a significant adverse impact on their lives.
  • Grooming and long term prostitution.

This funds will go towards providing them stability again, moving them to a better accommodation safe from danger, going back Education and training , providing food, helping to charge their gas and electricity, toiletries , visiting them to ensure they are taking their medications, Escorting to appointments , travelling to preach the gospel and praying with them and other running costs as well.

My dream is to see that these young girls can rise up again and stand on their feet no matter what they have been through.

My joy is to see that they are thriving, excelling, knowing their identity and not being groomed and enslaved into Sexual abuse.

These youngs girls can grow without any limitations placed on them and they can become path of God's community again.

Not only this but they grow into their full potentials without any distraction. They will be provided counselling, emotional and spiritual support and they will always find a shoulder to lean on.

Please, help me to make this dream a reality with any amount you may have.  

God bless  you all and Thank you in advance. 

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