Harm Reduction Training

by stella in Farnborough, England, United Kingdom

Harm Reduction Training
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This project aims to raise awareness of coercive control and privacy awareness generally.

by stella in Farnborough, England, United Kingdom

I am a survivor. I have seen exactly how abuse happens, how control is taken over your life in ways that are “normal”.

I have worked in education and security awareness training and identified that we need more harm reduction training.

This means that on top of educating customer facing teams about security and privacy- we need to help them to recognise coercive control.

Too much security awareness is flimsy anti phishing fluff that gives staff no real understanding or empowerment to work with tech. 

My training would be a basic level tech training that would empower people as much as health education does, for example.

Once people understand privacy and security principles and why they matter- they can better understand harm.

The main focus of the training is to identify signs of coercive control such as accounts being handed over to another person or closed. To train staff to offer advice and support. And to help customer facing teams to prevent such control.

At an organisational level I hope that ultimately banks and other organizations will use this to develop support such as flexible credit and advice for survivors. 

The current system where we allow partners or family members to take over accounts from those who are not in need of it, is harmful.

We should not require a husband to sign a bank account form for his wife to open an account. We should encourage financial independence for all, even just a small account for sundry items.

We have to re examine our attitudes to privacy and my training will do this 


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