End racism and build togather

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Project by Jeffery Green

End racism and build togather

End racism and build togather

Jeffery Green profile

Project by Jeffery Green

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim is to complete building the Family Interactive System Modelling app this platform will supports futuristic growth, that is long ter

My name is Jeffery Green and I am co founder at flat pack masters a construction company where we undertake all types of interior works we train young men from disadvantage background we teach the how to become competent  builders how to be confident and upright thus leading to better men better fathers better husbands have always and is a strong believer in a better unified tomorrow however for now we all must go through the manipulations day by day I am developing  this amazing app to create an accessible digital footprint for all your descendants and current family members, to access and build on today & tomorrow.

I have been working so hard on this idea for a couple years but as you know  funding, is not readily available for people like you and me some people believe you should not achieve that your child should not go to chain bridge or Eaton the elite keeps blocking us They don’t believe You should become what You can, so I decided to start this page for funding to build this new ancestral website, for any one and any race. 

We are all humans, let’s not get manipulated into a race war, let’s fund each other, support and build. I say all lives matter, human or ant but when black lives matter, only then we can say all lives matter.  

Let me tell you a little about myself. 

I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. I have 7 sisters and two brothers, my father had died when I was 3 years old so my mum had to foot the bill and yes I know the British colonial elite did leave us really bad. 

But I don’t have a chip on my shoulders, I will build in my own merit! 

As a child, you don’t see poverty,  just the grapefruit ball rolling down a half hearted tarmac road, covered with pot holes .  

My mum would have had a break down but my gran had taken the 3 youngest, so things could flow as a new normal. 

I moved to the UK like many of us, for a better life, shame on our governments for we should have been able to have a better life in our own countries. 

Most of us were taken as children, so we didn't have a choice of moving. 

I grew up in England and became a British citizen I was raised by a white man, so I know and have seen the best of white people. 90% of white people are not racist infact, no white person is really racist it’s the 10% elite that manipulates us all believe it or not. From slavery till today. We need to stand together and stop them from tricking us. 

So please no more riots let’s unite and support each other, no matter the creed.



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