End of Year Exhibition - Unit E

End of Year Exhibition - Unit E

Please help us fund our materials for our end of year architecture exhibition at Oxford Brookes University!

We did it!

On 30th May 2017 we successfully raised £380 of £300 target with 11 supporters in 14 days

We are overfunding and would love to get further donations from you! Please help us finish building our exhibition space, so we can do justice to all the hard work we've done this year!

Our new target is £500, so we appreciate your continuing support!


We are Unit E 'State of Flux', an undergraduate unit in the Oxford Brookes School of Architecture. 

The unit explores the relationship between architecture, the environment and change. The unit believes architecture should respond to context, and investigates changes within a site as a method of understanding it.

During the first semester of this academic year we have had two projects based in Dungeness, the first of these was a live project which measured change in weather and the second was to design a research station in response to the dynamic climate of Dungeness. 

The live projects allowed us to collaborate with 'Tottenham Clouds' at their annual weather festival where we displayed our modified versions of our devices to respond to the context of Lordship Recreational Ground in Tottenham. 

In second semester our site was located in the Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham where the aims of the project were to repsond and engage with the local community. 

The year culminates in an end of year exhibition at Oxford Brookes University opening on Friday 26th May, which will run until Monday 5th June. 

The exhibition will then move to London on Thursday 22nd June and be displayed until Tuesday 27th June.  

We would greatly appreciate funding for the construction, materials, printing and producing booklets for the exhibitions. 

We look forward to celebrating the year with you! 

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