Encephalitis Society

RCN SC048210, Malton

The Encephalitis Society is the only charity of any size anywhere in the world providing direct support and information to people affected by encephalitis (brain inflammation), raising awareness, and furthering our understanding of the condition through research.

The Encephalitis Society is the third sector’s global authority on encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and the only resource of its kind in the world providing direct support and information to people affected by encephalitis, raising awareness about the condition, and furthering our understanding of encephalitis through promoting and collaborating on research. 

Everything we do is about increasing global awareness of encephalitis, saving lives, and building better futures. Since 1994, we have grown from a small, mutual support group into an international community of over 12,000 members with lived experience of encephalitis and 2,000 professional members with scientific and medical expertise. Our priorities, direction and activities are guided by the voice of our members.

The Encephalitis Society has a small staff team of 14 people based in Malton, North Yorkshire, from where we deliver life-saving services to people wherever they live in the world. 47 committed volunteers, Team Encephalitis, play a vital role in providing support to others similarly affected. 

Our Vision is a world aware of encephalitis, its consequences and the support available.

Our mission is to increase global awareness of encephalitis, saving lives and building better futures.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of all people affected directly and indirectly by encephalitis, by:

  • Providing support and information to individuals, their friends and family who are living with encephalitis
  • Raising awareness of encephalitis
  • Promoting and collaborating on research

We have a committed, skilled, and diverse trustee board, several of whom have lived experience of encephalitis that they use to guide our work. The work of the Encephalitis Society is also supported by a 19-member strong advisory panel of world class neurology experts – clinicians and researchers at the forefront of our understanding of encephalitis (www.encephalitis.info/scientific-advisory-panel). Our President, Professor Tom Solomon, is Professor of Neurological Science and Director of the Institute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool. Our President Emeritus, Professor Barbara Wilson OBE, is a clinical neuropsychologist who has worked in brain injury rehabilitation for nearly 40 years. 

Our inspiring Chief Executive, Dr Ava Easton is an encephalitis expert and has published several papers and a book “Life After Encephalitis” on aspects of encephalitis and its after-effects. Ava is an Honorary Fellow at the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology, University of Liverpool and is currently involved in several COVID-19 related studies including the new UKRI funded £2.3 million COVID-CNS study.