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Enabling disabled people to live independently

by Jan Thomas in Mold, Wales, United Kingdom

Enabling disabled people to live independently


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To enable all disabled people to live independently, having choice, being included, being empowered, not just living but having a life.

by Jan Thomas in Mold, Wales, United Kingdom


TheFDF Centre for Independent Living supports all disabled people to live where they want, how they want and with whom they want this does not mean living on your own. It means being fully included as an equal in the the community in which you live. Being able to participate go to the pub, the theatre, a football match or just to visit friends. The major challenges for disabled people are toilets, transport and technology. Our 2 independence support workers enable people to get the help they need to improve their lives eg benefits, housing, transport, employment and training.

'' I just want to thank your organisation and, particular, Jan Thomas for the support and help I received with regard to both the above assessments.

When I initially received the ESA forms I looked everywhere to see if I could get any assistance in completing this form. The only place I could go to was…… The gentleman who I saw was useless so I completed the form myself. I then received the PIP forms to complete and I came across your website and spoke to Jan who said she would help me complete this form. I was so grateful that I had found FDF. Jan came to both assessments with me and I have just received confirmation from the DWP that I am still entitled to ESA and have been placed in the support group. I also received confirmation that I am entitled to PIP for both mobility and care at the enhanced rate.
I can't thank your organisation enough for the help, care and support you give to vulnerable people. I hope you continue to thrive. ''

With so many many thanks. S R a 60+ disabled  lady.

There has never been a more challenging time for disabled people with new legislation, austerity and uncertainty about the future. TheFDF can navigate disabled people through the minefield of getting through each day. Acting as advocates and empowering disabled people.

To all at FDF

''I should like to send you my heartfelt and grateful thanks for all that you have done for me over the past few years. My problems with disability benefits and all the stress that went along with it was dealt with proficiently and competently with empathy in dealing with the effect on my emotions.

You helped get me out and about, introducing me to groups and helping me develop friendships, when I just wanted to hide away. This helped me find internal and emotional strength when I felt it had totally left me.

You have helped me climb up the emotional ladder when I saw nothing but blackness and helped me recover my sense of self-worth. What has helped me and means a lot to me is that I can send you an email or leave a telephone message and I know that one of you will get back to me as soon as you are available.

All in all you have shown me that I can be a valued member of the community and have helped me shake off the black dragon of hopelessness.

I send thanks to you all and hope that you will continue helping others for many years to come.''



Let's make 'Enabling disabled people to live independently' happen

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