"EMY"a Marketplace For Shops and Small Businesses.

by Isaac Stephane Mbongue Nkam in London, England, United Kingdom


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Making it easy for consumers to access local shops and stores by delivering their products straight to their door.

by Isaac Stephane Mbongue Nkam in London, England, United Kingdom


Short Summary

EMY; Uses AI/ad to bring together all (or many) stores in one online marketplace & providing home delivery; A working prototype platform has been developed at www.my-emy.com; 2k+ products uploaded by participating shops; SEIS Approved.


  • A working prototype platform has been developed at www.my-emy.com.
  • The business has been operational since February 2020 . Developement of AI.
  • Over 2.000 products have been uploaded by participating shops.
  • Orders have been fulfilled with an average monthly of £60 pounds per order.
  • VC Backed market research has been completed using online questionnaires

The Business

Online grocery shopping is the fastest-growing channel in the UK forecast to become the second-largest online grocery market worldwide. Yet the delivery networks built by the big supermarket brands are inadequate.
Recent Lockdown showed that they cannot meet a surge in demand. The dramatic change in shopping habits recently could prove lasting, the current system also limits choice for consumers who may want to purchase goods from multiple stores. This rapidly growing market needs an independent player that can meet the demand and offer consumers a wider choice.

The Solution

EMY is a dedicated on-demand retail market place platform where customers and retailers connect in real-time. Customers can browse products from a local retailer and get AI personalised products results.


The Market

The latest research from Mintel 4 reveals the online grocery market is forecast to grow by 33% in 2020 to reach an estimated value of £16.8 billion,up from £12.7 billion in 2019. This follows four consecutive years of slowing growth: in 2019 growth fell to a historic low of just 2.9%. The market is set to be worth £17.9 billion by 2024, growing by 41% over the five-year period.

●The average value of weekly online sales in predominantly food stores has more than doubled between 2010 and 2016, reaching £141.9 million British pounds in 2016.

● Research shows that half of the online shoppers are 35 years old and under, age groups 25-34 and 35-44 years old (Adults with children) were most likely to purchase groceries online due to efficiency.



1- A working prototype platform has been developed at www.my-emy.com.

2- The business has been operational since February 2020.

3- Over 2.000 products have been uploaded by participating shops.

4- Detailed market research is beginning, using online questionnaires, in prep.

5- EMY will Incorporate AI to determine the best shops and products based on your personal needs.



EMY has set out a growth roadmap for the launch & expansion of the business over five phases. The phases are designed to ensure smooth growth of the business as we develop & refine the business model.

Phase One (Year 2020) - Obj: Minimum Viable Product (MVP, completed).
The purpose of Phase 1 was to test the concept.

Phase Two (Year 2021) - Obj:– Development of business model.
Phase Two is to develop & implement the business model on a small scale. Delivery will be limited to grocery orders only whilst we develop & refine the systems and processes needed to provide this service. (6 months).

Phase Three (Year 2022) - Obj:– Expansion of delivery beyond groceries.
Delivery of non-food items. The geographic area still limited to London.


Emotions associated

A world where consumers can access and purchase goods from multiple shops in their area or city.

What emotions are associated with the need for our service?

- Anxiety, stress
It can be very stressful for consumers to find what is available in their surroundings shops.

- Lost or in need of guidance
When looking for products people can be confused and do not know where to start looking for it.

- Lack of motivation to go to the shops
The thought of having to go outdrive or walk to multiple stores and queuing waiting to be attended is not appealing to everyone.

- Curiosity
A certain curiosity at what is available in the stores.

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We make shops and stores in cities, towns and neighbourhoods easily accessible to consumers through our website, providing information such as prices and location. We provide a home delivery system that allows our customers to buy products from multiple stores and get them delivered straight to their door.


We believe that the relationship between consumers and small businesses are the backbone of any economy… so we cherish them.

Passion, Integrity, Simplicity, Innovation, Diversity, Commitment to Customers, Trust, Honesty, Boldness, Collaboration, Leadership.

The 4 WE:

1.    We Practice Win-Win partnerships in our community with both consumers and businesses.

2.    We care about our communities and the environment,

3.    We promote team member growth and happiness.

4.    We satisfy and delight our customers.

The Team

EMY was founded by entrepreneur Isaac Stephane. Raised in the UK, Japan and Spain, Stephane is fluent in five languages and currently resides in London. Stephane is a member of various NGOs whose primary objectives are the fight against bad nutrition that exists in Africa. For Stephane, innovation is always a venture. EMY will benefit from Stephane’s hands-on management for the duration of the business.

This will ensure that the business runs efficiently and that any problems or opportunities are quickly identified and dealt with accordingly. As well as ensuring stability, this will also keep overheads low. It is anticipated that additional staffing will be required as the business expands.


Isaac Stephane

CEO Founder

Pitch page: https://my-emy.com/emy-investor-pitch-deck/
Linkedin Link: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/stephaneisaac
Currently he's completely involved in his project and seeking new long-term investments.
Born in Cameroon and raised in UK and Spain he speaks 5 languages, he currently resides in London.



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