EMRR CLUB 2020 - a bright future

by EMRR Club in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

EMRR CLUB 2020 - a bright future


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 30th October 2020 at 2:52pm

To enable the continud growth of the club and its ability to deliver training and access to everyone

by EMRR Club in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

1599062774_fb_img_1534242416112.jpg1599063100_bp.jpg1599062978_20200219_160228.jpgThe club has been hit hard during the current Covid Pandemic, with all participation being suspended due to lock down, the imopact on the members and those who were hoping to start the sport has been varied.

The EMRR club not only provides a safe place to participate in Target Shooting from grass roots and beginners through to potential olympic athletes, The club offers its members additional support from the friendships developed whilst taking part, this can bee seen in the "non target shooting2 activities throughout the year, including Dinner nights, Fundraising and support to our local community.

We are striving to raise £12,000 to enable the club to flourish

We intend to continue to support our members during this Covid 19 pandemic, some of whom we know are struggling due to the uncertainty, we also want to attract more participants to the sport of precision target shooting to enable us to do this and to continue the efficient running of our club we are offering a range of rewards in return for your donation.

There also several prize draws you can enter to win vouchers redeemable at the club.

When we reach our target, will set aside a fund to support members and newcomers who may be struggling financially to enable them to continue to participate, part of this fund will be used to deliver ten-week beginner program to enable new participants to start during these challenging times we face, we will also invest in modernising some of our target infrastructure to enable more people to participate. The new target infrastructure will be geared towards improving the opportunity to participate for both able and disabled people.1599062964_20200219_135428.jpg


About EMRR Club

Based in Nottinghamshire the club has access to ranges 4 days of the week including indoor 25 yard to hundred and 30 yard distances, with regular trips to other outdoor facilities to enable other distances and disaplines to be shot. this enables target shooting for all abilities, the club has always worked to provide the best equipment to enable the most amount of participants to engage in the sport and participate regularly.

Inclusive and Accessible

Members of the club range in age from 6 to 90 and cover a wide range of abilities. We are working towards becoming a Disability Hub Club as we are 1 of the few facilities in Nottinghamshire with disabled access.1599138027_bf9ea7a7-75e8-4300-8d0f-9afc434e611c.png1599063113_fb_img_1494282098776.jpg

Target shooting is one of the most disabled friendly of all competitive sports and disciplines. No matter what disability you have, you will not find it a bar to taking part in target shooting disciplines and competi1599062875_20170813_132749834_ios.jpgtions offered at our club.

Instruction and training

We have a team of governing body qualified Instructors, Club Coaches and International Shooting Sport Federation Coaches who provide the club's training from beginners to those who aspire to represent their country. 

The training we provide enables beginners through to elite athletes to excel at the level they wish to participate at, whether it’s purely recreational or shooting for their country.

All of our training is delivered to governing body standards using the safe shooting scheme we teach all members young and old to respect firearms and use them safely on our ranges1599138150_fb61316c-0c50-4050-9a74-3fa34bc9d4f6.png

Our equipment

We have always committed to providing suitable high-quality equipment for our members , to enable everyone to participate without having to invest in their own equipment before making an informed decision of which discipline they wish to continue with and which would be the most suitable equipment to purchase, in addition to air rifles, smallbore rifles, fullbore rifles and blackpowder rifles the club is also started to invest in electronic targets to enable greater time on the range for more people and also enabling people with limited mobility to participate more inclusively as they don’t have to move around the range to change targets.



Beginners to target shooting

Having attended have a go session for those people who wish to continue in the sport we operate a probationary period where everyone has to go through mandatory training to learn about the sport, safety and how to use the equipment and firearms for the discipline they are shooting. Once completed your probationary period you can apply to the police for your own firearms licence and if you wish at that point to purchase your own target shooting guns, this is not mandatory and you can of course continue to use club equipment.


We enter local and national postal competitions and leagues to suit shooters skill levels. As a club we make up around 70% of the Nottinghamshire county team in National inter-county competitions. Usually we send a squad to the national championships held in August 1599063035_wp_20150614_010.jpg1599062892_20170816_143849303_ios.jpg

Supporting our wider community - other charity work

We don’t have any direct link to charities, however every year we support Macmillan cancer, and in the last year we have also supported the local food bank and blood donation. Each year as people have causes close to their heart where possible we look to support.1599063164_what-is-dt.png


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

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Adult Taster: Sports Rifles

Never done Target Shooting? Claim a 1-hour have-a-go session using various Light Weight Sports Rifles to shoot targets, with full instruction, normally £50! (over 18’s only)

£2 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Prize Draw: Haring Protection

Win a set of Custom Moulded Hearing Protection from Decibullz (RRP £30). Draw will take place on the 2 January 21 after the campaign closes.

£5 or more

1 of 50 claimed

Prize Draw: 1,000 Rounds

Win 1,000 rounds of ammunition (RRP £70). Draw will take place 2 Jan 21 after the campaign closes and winner must be a member of the EMRR Club.

£7 or more

0 of 150 claimed

10% off Club Ammunition

Working with the suppliers of ammunition to the club we can offer a 10% discount on ammunition purchased this year (usual price £7.80/box). Available until 31 December 2020

£25 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Junior Taster: Air Rifles

Never done Target Shooting? Claim 1-hour fully supervised have-a-go session using Air Rifles, normally £30! (under 18’s only and must be accompanied by a responsible adult).

£30 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Rifle Storage - Student

Discounted Rifle storage for Students for one year (normally £160). Applicable to Student Members of EMRR (proof of full time education required)

£30 or more

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Adult Taster: Air Rifles

Never done Target Shooting? Claim a 1-hour have-a-go session using Match Air Rifles, with full instruction, normally £37.50! (over 18’s only).

£40 or more

0 of 35 claimed

Junior Full Membership (Under 18’s)

The chance to join the most inclusive shooting club in Nottinghamshire, membership lasts for 12-months and will give you access to the club facilities, shoots and quality equipment (normally £50).

£60 or more

1 of 40 claimed

Student Membership (NTU Students)

The chance to join the most inclusive shooting club in Nottinghamshire, membership lasts for 12-months and will give you access to the club facilities, shoots and quality equipment (normally £70).

£80 or more

1 of 25 claimed

Rifle Storage (Non-Students)

Discounted Rifle storage for one year (normally £160).

£120 or more

Individual Full Membership

The chance to join the most inclusive shooting club in Nottinghamshire, membership lasts for 12-months and will give you access to the club facilities, shoots and quality equipment (normally £150).

£150 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Sponsor a trophy

Sponsor a trophy for the club to be presented for achievement. Have it named after yourself, in commemoration or after the name of your business!

£155 or more

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Beginner Training Course

New to Target Shooting? This 12-hour Course over 6-weeks will give you all the basic knowledge you need to safely participate in the EMRR Club and allow you to safely start the sport. Normally £185, this offer includes all equipment, ammunition and tuition!

£180 or more

Full Joint Membership(Husband/Wife/Partner)

The chance for two individuals (husband/wife/partner) to join the most inclusive shooting club in Nottinghamshire, membership lasts for 12-months and will give you both access to the club facilities, shoots and quality equipment (normally £275).

£200 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Group Taster for 5 people

Never done Target Shooting? Claim a 2-hour have-a-go session using a .22 Rimfire for a group of 5 people, on a Saturday evening, by arrangement, normally £250! (valid until September 30th 2021)

Let's make 'EMRR CLUB 2020 - a bright future' happen

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