EmpressT Foundation website/Internet Radio Station

EmpressT Foundation website/Internet Radio Station

Provide a platform for individuals and communities, mainly in third world countries, to showcase their musical, poetic & artistic talents.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

After volunteering for 6 years on a Community radio station I was given the opportunity 18 months ago to present my own Reggae show. The show goes out on both FM and online. The show has been incredably popular and soon after I started the show I was contacted by a young man in Sierra Leonne. He explained how limited the opportunities are for young people in his country especially opportunitiesto showcase their muscal and artistic talents.

I set up a Facebook page to try and find out more and I soon started recieving messages from people not only in Sierra Leonne but also in Ghana, Jamaica and South Africa and realised there was a real need to offer these young people a platform to share their amazing talents which would otherwise go completly unnoticed.

I have featured some of the very best of these talented young people on my radio show and it has been by far the best platform for them.  However I have quickly found that I am very restricted on my current show. Firstly, I only have one 90 minute show per week which means that time is very limited. Secondly, as it is a Local community radio station it has to conform to strict regulations and this limits the opportunities for me to offer these young people what they so desperately need.

So this is my project........

I intend to set up an internet radio station and website which will be run by myself with support from my friends and collegues at the radio station. It will offer a wide range of content including music and interviews but also showcasing the talents of all young people, especially those in third world countries.  Along side the music and entertainment I plan to have specialist shows highlighting young musicians, song writers, poets, artists,authors, reporters and presenters. 

Through this crowd funding scheme I am looking for support and funds for the equipment and licences to start this internet radio station and website. The equipment I need includes a dedicated internet line, computer, mixer, mics, software and licences.  

I plan this to be run on a "not for profit" basis. 

There is so much undiscoved talent desperate for the opportunity to be heard......so please help me to help them!