Empowering women and girls through fitness

by zoe-jeffery in Bath, England, United Kingdom

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Breaking down barriers: Helping woman and girls engage in sport and fitness and increasing positive body image.

by zoe-jeffery in Bath, England, United Kingdom

According to Sport England almost 1.5 million women and girls in the UK do not participate in fitness or sport, one of the barriers I have identified is that of fitness clothing and body image.  Girls as young as 7 years old are now increasingly becoming body conscious due to many factors including social media and peer pressure. When they reach secondary school age there is a then a significant drop in sport and fitness participation which in some cases is carried through in to later life.  This can have a detrimental affect on their overall physical and mental health.  

Projects by Sport England and the Youth Sport Trust have started to address these issues however further research and solutions are needed in order to help all girls and women feel that they can participate without judgement or fear.   

This project will focus on researching and providing  a solution to this problem by empowering women and girls to co-create their own workout kit based on their body shape so that they can increase their confidence and motivation to participate in fitness. 

The project will require development of a web interface that will allow for customisation and personalisation of kits.  Research into fit of clothing and ways to capture body measurements.   Also the use of virtual reality as an aid to increase motivation.  



What can you do? 

Help me to help women and girls feel confident about themselves and to breakdown the stigma of negative body image.  We all have a right to feel good about who we are, lets work together and support each other to make a difference in peoples lives.  By donating a small amount to this project you will help make it become a reality.  

This is an exciting social enterprise project that will need support in any shape or form financially or backing from governing bodies and other charities.  


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