Empowering Woman in Nepal through Art

Project by lisalochhead

To deliver an art project to women in Nepal with the Art of Allowing approach. Buying professional acrylic paints, canvases, easels, brushes

We did it!

On 14th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £835 of £800 target with 23 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

The bare minimum initial material costs are covered to run one course for 14 women. Overfunding will:

  1. Go towards my substicence costs for the duration of the teaching period of 10 nights. I have been part sponsered for my accommodation by Pokhara Eco Resort Hotel - so to be able to cover all accomdation costs and food would be be a great help for me personaly.
  2. For me to take bigger quantities of paint so there can be ongoing painting class and development for the women who take the course.
  3. To buy more canavses that can be left at the project for an ongoing art class.
  4. Support the development of creating an ongoing Art Program as part of the skills training being offered with the Art of Allowing.
  5. Be directed to supporting the overall work of Kriayt Social Business by sponsering women through their skills training program or/and support in keeping the project available by providing financial assitance.

Project Aim

To deliver the start of an Art Program for women in Nepal with the Art of Allowing approach.

About the Project

My aim is to deliver the Art of Allowing approach to two groups of seven women in September 2015. This is to seed and develop an ongoing Art Program with the Art of Allowing approach for all women that go through the womens empowerment project skills training.

At this time when so many in Nepal are rebuilding their homes and lives in Nepal - Kriayt Social Business - Empowering Women in Nepal contiunes its amazing work with women which also has been directly addressing the needs and issues since the earthquake. I will be delivering the art program through Kriayt who combine business know how with the desire to address social issues. Directly supporting the empowerment of women in Nepal.


Why Art?

Art is not a subject taught in school in Nepal and most women have never been exposed to any form or influnce of visual art from inside or outside of the country. When art is introduced it is as a 'colour in' exercise which is all the women know from school, a picture with outlines that you colour in.

This inhibits the creative potential of each women in the ability to create fresh, new, inspired designs for the products they are taught to make as part of them becoming income earning and independent. There current approach to art is conformed, strict and controlled if expressed at all.


Why the Art of Allowing?

I work and facilitate with the Art of Allowing approach, founded by Flora Aube which is centred in the practice of allowing the rise of the feminine soul through onto your canvas of life. Through receptivity, connectivity and deep listening we move into soulful expression, unbound, free and full of the creative power of our very own essence and Voice.

Through each woman having the opportunity to take part in the Art of Allowing course with me she will be guided and enabled to connect to her inner being/inner self and the freedom of flow that can allow the new to emerge in her approach to art, her creativity and to her movement in life.

Most of the women have suffered through the Civil War in Nepal as children, previous earthquakes and now the earthquakes of 2015. By connecting with the inner being and enabling the empowerment of a new approach, a new way to learn, a new skill, a new way to move in tune with their own Voice - the long term Vision is that they can open their possibilities of skill enhancement and creativity within their ability to create employment.

The short-term goal is to connect the women with their inner being, their art and their potential.

See my website for more on my work and art - www.lisalochhead.com


More about Kriayt

Kriayt offers an enabling environment where Nepali women learn skills, earn a reliable income and gain the confidence to be independent. They work with vulnerable girls and women because they believe they enter at risk situations from their continuous exposure to

  • limited access to education
  • lack of knowledge of their social rights
  • limited opportunities to become economically self-sustainable

They aim to offer Nepali women a stable income in an open environment where they feel at ease to discuss and share knowledge about these issues.They will then in turn educate their daughters, their families and eventually their entire village. They work to raise awareness about social issues, challenges that Nepali women face. Education of social issues, lifts the women out of becoming potential victims of circumstances that can have devastating effects.


How will I use the Funds Raised?

The funds rasied will go to buying the bare basic artists materials to start the art program and to be able to deliver the course for the two groups. This includes the purchase of paints, easels, canvases, brushes and gel mediums.

The preferred paints for the Art of Allowing approach are Golden Fluid proffessional paints due to their ability to flow and retain colour rich consistency. Being able to open up flow is a key part of the project and I want to purchase the same quality paints that I would use or would use with any of my students.


When will I deliver the courses and start the project?

I arrive in Pokhara on the 23rd September 2015 and will be there with the founder of Kriayt and the women until the 3rd October facilitating with art. I will be in Nepal until the 22nd October and going back to Kriayt for just under another week.


Meet the Women who you will be supporting on the First Course


Class 1 – English spoken (left to right)
Sissy ( Leilani, Anne’s daughter) 23 yrs, Australian married with 1 child. At Kriayt she is a product designer & production teacher.
Anne – 43 yrs Married, mother of 5, grandmother of 4, Australian, Founder of Kriayt. Head teacher of Kriayt, professional tea drinker.
Kamala – 31 yrs, married with 2 children. She is overall manager of Kriayt Social Business & interpreter
Laxmi – 22 years, She is independent living ( no mother or father) She is assistant at training centre, just graduated yr 12 and saving to start college in 2016.
Renuka – 20yrs, single living with parents. Program Manager and studies full time in 3rd yr college.
Bandana – 33 yrs, married with one child. She is the treasurer for Kriayt Sister club.
Saraswoti - 19yrs, independant living .She is assistant at Training Centre, just completed her yr 10 exams and awaiting results. She is saving to attend yr 11 studies.


Class 2 ( Nepali spoken ) Left to right

Kalpana – 32yrs,married with 1 child. She is a team member of the Kriayt Sister club
Indira – 30 yrs, married with 2 children. She is a Vice Captain of the Kriayt Sister Club
Sita – 30 yrs,married with one child. She has no education & works fulltime producing sewing & crochet for Kriayt
Chandrakala – 25ys, married with one child. She works fulltime as sewer with Kriayt
Parbiti – 32yrs,married with 2 children, She is Co-Communications leader in the Kriayt Sister’s club
Sunita - – 28yrs,married with 2 children, She is Co-Communications leader in the Kriayt Sister’s club
Mina - 19yrs, independant living .She is producer at Training Centre specialising in butik embroidery, just completed her yr 10 exams and awaiting results. She is saving to attend yr 11 studies.


This Core Group of women for the initial course are women that manage or work at Kriayt Social Business. Some are Kriayt Sister club. They are not staff, they attend the centre to learn create share, they teach the interaction tours ie come to learn to make momos and one of them will teach you. They also implement the socially issue programs. Four leaders of the Sisters Club will be starting study soon in Childbirth Education. We call them leaders as they are mentors to the younger girls and lead other women in the community. They keep up to date with women’s rights and stand up for their beliefs.

 Independent living means they are living with no family due to harsh circumstances or death of parents.

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