Empower Trafficked Children Through Education

Empower Trafficked Children Through Education

The aim of this project is to educate and empower street children rescued from Kolkata's brothels giving them an alternative life.

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Project aim

The aim of this project is to provide education for children rescued from Kolkata's brothels and offer an alternative life to sex slavery.

About the project

I have raised £1,000 for the project already!


40,000 children disappear in India every year. 11,000 of them are untraceable. Most girls between the ages 9-14 are sold to brothel owners and boys into enforcced labour. Many of these children are not kidnapped but sold by their parents. The cycle of poverty is difficult to break but starting with education we can make a change.  Education leads to the empowerment to make choices and it emboldens the youth to purssue their dreams.

Our mission is to travel to Kolkata, India to make a direct and lasting impact on the lives of women and children struggling for a better life on the streets of Kolkata. Through the Village Experience we will work closely, donating time and funds, with the Women’s Interlink Foundation. Our chosen project will be the Nabadisha Education Program for Street and Working Children in the heart of Kolkata. We will spend our days getting to know the children at the Nabadisha Centers and visiting Women’s Interlink Rescue Centers for young women rescued from sex trafficking.  



Set up in 1990, Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) is a non-governmental organization, working towards implementing integrated Women, Child and Community development projects, providing need-based interventions such as literacy for women and children, prevention of violence against the vulnerable, rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked victims, action against deprivation of basic rights. WIF is registered in India under the Charitable Trusts Act.


Nabadisha project was started in 1999 with a mission of addressing problems such as lack of education, lack of support system in the form of coaching classes and proper nutrition and recreational facilities. Nabadisha provides education, nutrition, community liaison support and an opportunity for street children to play and enjoy a bit of their childhood while gaining holistic support to springboard them forward towards a better life. Working with WIF, we will also have an opportunity to assist at a home for girls rescued from trafficking, prostitution and children of AIDS victims.


Yoga has not only changed me and helped me believe that I can make a difference in this world, but it is also a powerful practice that can help people deal with trauma and connect to their own power and potential. I have already run a charity workshop and am organising two more, one in Norwich and one in Peterborough. Through these experiences I have seen how a community can support one another, and those so far away from us. I believe that Yoga can generate change and this is why I am doing this project through Yoga Medicine. I would be happy to run a charity event at your place of work or your community, please get in touch. 


Please support me in making this happen! Namaste 

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