Empower Young Leaders

Empower Young Leaders

Empower young people to reach their leadership potential to make a difference in the world

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This project is inspired by my passion of empowering people to reach their potential to make a difference in life. It comes from the situation of being born in a small village in Northen of Vietnam where people work extremely hard, life is always a struggle. I was saved three times by my siblings from kidnapping and drowning in a river. I was inspired to make a difference in my family and people's lives. 

I have been told that it was impossible to go abroad to study and work that is impossible follow my passion to build a business. I am upset to see young people in my country and around the world live with the opinions of others and let their potential die in the day light. Having opportunties to study in Spain and the UK with full scholarships and travelling around the world, I can see what the impossible is possible as long as we can trust in ourselves and lead our lives on our own truth then help other people to do so.

This project is devoted for young people to unleash their leadership potential to lead their lives and lead the world to become a better place.

This project plans to be based in Vietnam as a community to provide people training on personal devleopment and leadership development. It then will be extended to Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and China where I have good network connections.

Alongside with my experience and passion in personal devleopment and social networking, the project does need financial support to translate its mission into the results in people's lives.

Your contribution will make a difference in young people and the world.