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Gift 7 Women Partial Scholarships for the 7 Week EMPOWER 7 Transformational Women's Personal Development Programme and Publish the Book.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:00pm 15th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:00pm 15th September 2018

Gift 7 Women Partial Scholarships for the 7 Week EMPOWER 7 Transformational Women's Personal Development Programme and Publish the Book.

Greetings everyone,

My name is Hyacinth Myers and I am the Founder of the EMPOWER 7 Programme.  It is a 7 Week, 7 Module Personal Development Programme created for Women holistically born out of my own experiences and Journey.  

My passion has always been Community work and Engagement since the age of fifteen starting in my local Adventure Playground in Hackney close to where I grew up in the notorious Holly Street Estate.  I've worked in various fields now for 30 years including Prison Visitor for Lifers, Health Promotion Lead for LEAN working with people who have HIV/AIDS, Shoreditch Trust as an Arts Ambassador, Playworker for various Adventure Playgrounds, Community centres with children 5- 16 Years old, Committee Member/ Treasurer for a Charity, Steering Group member for a local Parents Forum for Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and BLISS the Premature Baby Charity  amongst others.  Please find out more at www.hyacinthmyers.com if you would like.  All of this I did throughout my own Adversity and Trauma throughout the various stages of my life.

I love Supporting, Empowering and Nurturing Women to be their BEST Self regardless of their Story.  Last year March 2017 during International Women's Month I Launched EMPOWER 7.  I originally wrote the programme in 2016 but ended up very unwell with Pneumonia which took a few months to recover from but if you believe in the Laws of the Universe the Launch date and year was in perfect alignment.  

I am a very Spiritual/ Intuitive woman and created this Programme through Meditation, Logical reasoning and Intuition culminating the nearly 30 years of Adversity I have personally experienced but also using the knowledge and skills I have acquired along the way.  It is a Personal Development for Women to take them on a journey to get to know themselves if they don't already or to reconnect in order to Live a Life on Purpose created by Design.  Too many Women are stuck in their story and living with Depression, Anxiety and Apathy as life is happening TO them rather than FOR them while they create it.

It is NOT a Therapeutic Programme as I don't use Counselling or Trauma/ PTSD work (I have close Colleauges to refer to if this intervention is needed) but it is for Women who may be STUCK in their daily Life, At a Crossroads or Unsure as to where they genuinely want to go.  It is also a very holistic programme using Meditation, Reflective Journalling work, Creative activities, Discussions along with Coaching and Mentoring. It is to take them on a journey of Self Discovery, Self Awareness, Self Love and Self Acceptance. I am a Qualified Holistic Therapist amongst other things so elements of my work come in play here too and a Published Write of 22 years.   

I have received no Grants or Loans to start this Business so have been Self funding but I have been delivering Single Module Workshops from a Space I hire by the hour in Tottenham although I live in Hackney and here is a short video testimonial from two wonderful twin sisters who had just completed a workshop. I also facilitate a Sister Circle that will restart in September as a Safe Space to do Meditation, Reflection and Discussion.

My  Goal is to raise finance for at least 7 Women on almost whole Scholarships (normally £349 each but would pay £49) and Publish the Book.  If I manage to achieve that, my stretch is to be able to Produce the Online version of the Full Programme so I can reach Thousands of Women to create a lasting footprint towards Peace, Peace of mind and Freedom to be yourself.  100 Copies of the Book will be given to Organisations such as Women's Aid and BLISS who are dear to my heart as a child living in a home with Domestic Violence and ultimately ending up in a Women's Refuge for a few days before rehoused out of the Borough after we all left and BLISS as a mother who had Twin boys born at 23 weeks and losing my youngest Shaka to Neonatal death at 23 days old.  

Although I am now Sharing my Story and why the 7 Steps Programme was born in Talks there are only snippets online as I build that up.  This work is dear to my heart as I have met some wonderful women and done work with them not teaching them about what they should do but sharing the various Personal Development Tools, Tips and Methods I have tried and tested personally over the years myself.  I have seen the positive change and they are liberated on embracing the whole of themselves, some who admitted they never really knew. 

In addition to doing the FULL Programme In Person, I will be delivering the single In Person Modules for Organisations mainly.  I look forward to this exciting manifestation which feels like years in the making.  Coming from a mindset where I believed I was broken, I don't want another women to take as long as I did to come into herself.  As an Overcomer of serious Adversities over the years, I have spent thousands of pounds in Private therapy, Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Coaching and Further Education (some 20+ years).  I don't want another woman to spend all that time with no direction making the mistakes I have in the process.  I am intending to deliver a programme where there is no dependency as I stated before and the Woman in 8 Weeks is transformed from where she was to a better version of herself.  There are no huge Upsell Courses etc just the Programme and after if needed for an additional cost continued Mentoring/ Coaching.

Your DONATION will Help Transform a Woman's Life so in turn she helps Transform and Empower other women like a ripple effect. The Vision is to help Thousands of Women across the World but starting in the UK where I am based.  This will create a Community of Warrior Women who will change the Path of their Destiny, help grow the UK Economy by reducing Women off Work due to Stress, Low Level Mental Health and Sickness and change the World Forever.

"When one woman makes positive change she empowers others to walk in her shoes holding hands regardless of her back story", (c) Hyacinth Myers, 2018.

"We don't have to be victims of our circumstances, we can be Soul Conscious Creators of our future", (c) Hyacinth Myers, 2017

Please give what you can and Share far and Wide. We have 5 weeks to achieve this goal. Rewards/ Donations start from just £7 upwards.  EVERY PENNY COUNTS.

Thanks for reading and watching.  You are seen.  You are heard and it is my Life's work to continue helping others regardless. Thank you and Thank you Universe for making everything possible. I know we will smash this.  Don't forget to follow the FB and Instagram pages at:-

www.facebook.com/hyacinthjmyers    and     www.instagram.com/empower__7

If you have any Questions or want to connect please Email or Reach Out

Stay Blessed

Your Sister in Spirit

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