Emily & Josh's SKYDIVE

Emily & Josh's SKYDIVE

We're doing a skydive to raise funds for SyriAid & Help Refugees, who provide supplies and support to refugees in Northern Greece.

We did it!

On 20th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £510 of £400 target with 11 supporters in 35 days

There are currently over 60,000 Syrians stranded in 23 refugee camps over Northern Greece. An estimated 26,400 of these are children, over 2,300 of which are unnacompanied.

Joshua and I are doing a sponsered skydive on Sunday June 11th 2017 to raise awareness of the extremity of the current global refugee crisis, and funds which will provide direct practical support for families in this awful situation.  We thought this would be a funny way to raise money as Josh is terrified of heights, and isn't even very good at flying on normal planes, let alone jumping out of one! 

SyriAid and Help Refugees provide basic aid - food, clothes, sanitation, medical aid, volunteer support, shelters, search & rescue and outreach work. In November 2016 I travelled out to Thessaloniki with a SyriAid team and experienced firsthand the conditions in which these families are living. They are ordinary people like you and I, but due to the war in Syria have had to leave everything, including education, jobs, homes, family members and friends, and are now living in limbo in derelict factory buildings and industrial wasteland.

During our trip we provided some much needed support for adults and children, and I particularly felt moved at the lack of daily structure and education for children. The team also worked in the Help Refugees warehouse, where volunteers are tirelessly working to sort through clothes and personal items that will be distributed among the camps. Their dedication to this grassroots movement is inspiring, and we would love to support them. Please help us to raise some money to fund these charities in their dedicated work. 

Proceeds raised will go towards SyriAid and Help Refugees equally.

Thank you! : ) 

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