Free Pet Care Services

Free Pet Care Services

Free Dog Walking services for pensioners & disabled and those who need help because of accident, hospital stay or ongoing illness/treatment

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our Pets are our Family!...

Our pets positively benefit the well-being of our families. Whether for our elderly owners living on their own, our kids or ourselves.

Sadly our animal family are the only source of companionship for some people. So what happens when an unexpected hospital stay, or worsening illness/disability starts taking over? Do the RSPCA have to step in and take over the animals welfare?

Not with our help!

We want to be able to support the relatonship between owner and pet for as long as possibe!

Pets are their reason for living, giving them a purpose, making them feel wanted and needed. Pets reciprocate by giving a feeling of protection from loneliness and despair.

Pets boost morale and help reduce stress by providing emotional security. They help to bring happiness and laughter and lift depression.

Therefore when Ill fortune strikes and the owner is suddenly unable to properly care for their best friend we want to be able to provide this much needed care and assistance.


- Dog Walking

- Feeding Time

- Grooming/Hygiene

- Play Time

- Respite 















Pet Grooming Vehicle - £18,000

Small Transit Van with Fitted Dog Cages - £5,000.

Relevant Insurances - £1,500


Equipment & Stock - £1000

Pet Food - £500

Staff Courses - £4,500 

Staff - £5000

Rent Office/Admin Space - £5,000

*This project will be co-ordinated under Give a Dog a Bone UK CIC


The above costs are for start-up purposes only.

We hope to achieve ongoing funding, grants, attract volunteers and raise income via other commercial services in order to keep this project running. 

There will be a target number of free service users for us to reach.

We plan to market our services to other other charities such as AgeUK, Over 50's Forum, Marie Curie, to name only a few. We will laso inform local police services and hospitals should we need to provide respite care to animals who are unexpectedley without their owners.