Emergency Uni Degree Tuition Fee

Emergency Uni Degree Tuition Fee


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Hello There. My name is Temi Dare and I am a young Computer Science (Ba) student in my final year at High Wycombe's Bucks University. I am in high hopes of completing this course with a 1st (projected) but over the past years I have faced more than my fair share obstacles and challenges. Before I begin to give you an insight on my journey and how I have ended up here it would only be right to give you some background info, So here it goes! (P.S. Thanks & God bless you for taking the time to read my story)

From as far back as I can remember I have always genuinely had an affinity for striving towards attempts at innovation in ways that can and will be used to help the clarity and productivity around myself as well as any further uses. I have no idea of where or what the key influence behind this feeling’s origin came from but idealistically it seems that growing up the only male in a small council flat often had me freely experience numerous attempts to understand, mentally (and sometimes physically) break down and inevitably fix or improve any and everything that I could get my hands on.

It wasn’t long before I attained an immeasurable appreciation for abstraction through analysis, trial and error and eventually “if (then).. or else” ideology to methods of instruction. Having a natural interest in all component construction used for improvement through detail within conditions and it’s ability to (dependably) have limitless capacity has somewhat placed me in a lane that is rarely expressed in what could be labelled common knowledge, as the most basic things can actually get quite complex when translated and broken down into in an almost immeasurable amount of components (I hope i havent lost you). This inevitably lead me to realising that simplicity and efficiency is somewhat of an art form that engages a build between the way we interact with our perceptions of reality, tools, friends, family, loved ones, those whose relationships we consider beneficial, strangers and even those we don’t know. To summarise my vision, it wasnt long before I knew I wanted to help make the world a better place through Informative Technology.

With that being said, I soon realised that it would take an immense amount of work and favour to pull this off although I had never been a stranger to challenges. With my mother being extremely ill and unable to work effectively, we often struggled with bills and living, let alone progressing. As a matter of fact in my first year of studying at university I was forced to withold my studies and take years out to work day and night shifts in order to help with rent, little did I know that this would affect my attempts at completing my degree later in life. Outside of education I was constantly faced with pressure providing for my household as well as younger siblings (on fathers side) who were now getting old and in need of my assistance.

I was finally able to return to uni in hopes of attaining my bachelors degree. Complications with student finance regarding my appeal for a maintenance loan had forced my uni to withdraw me from studies (before I had the chance to sort the issue) but I didnt give up there. I returned once again, but was then told that in order to be funded for my last 2 years of eligibility I would have to pay a total of £15,000 (£7,500/year), which is what finally brought me here.

I managed to reduce the debt by a third through working night shifts and studying during the day for my first 2 years of study. Now that I am finally in my third and final year the workload and pressure has increased immeasurably and there just aren't enough hours in the day to pull this feat off alone in time for graduation (I litterally have daily calculations). Not only would I like to graduate by the end of this academic year but I am now once again being threatened with withdrawal if I cannot stick to the very parment plan I am struggling with, irregardless of my rent and survival situations. After trying everything from selling my possesions, working cash in hand jobs, applying for every type of loan I can and even donating blood I have finally set up this account with hopes that you can help me make my dreams come true and give me the ability to give back. Not only do I come from a somewhat poor background, but being one of the few in my area to succesfully attend uni I have friends (with mothers) banking on me to make something of myself and provide opportunities that we can all benefit from. The fact that I have had very close friends whos lives have been taken from them before having the ability to give back just makes this all the more special to me.

Any and all donations will be extremely appreciated and put forward to tuition, in fact it's very likely that you and I can become life long friends from here on. Although I have cut this story quite short (no, seriously) I hope you can grasp an idea of what i would love to do with my life. Please feel free to share my story, leave a comment or ask me anything, subscribe to my updates and look out for my future projects (I make mobile apps and do coding for games on the side), as I am sure that you and/or somebody around you will benefit from them. Thanks again for your time and may God Bless You in all your endeavours.