Emergency Surgery to remove bullet from cats spine

by sharon.rowan in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Emergency Surgery to remove bullet from cats spine
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Xray vet spotted a bullet touching cats spine which needed emergency surgery, no one had any idea he had been shot!

by sharon.rowan in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

We adopted Tigger as a rescue kitten when he was around 7 months old, he is now 15.  He has always been really healthy with not much need for vet treatment so we didnt have insurance.  In November 2017 we found an abcess on Tiggers stomach, from this day he has been kept indoors and we started him on treatment right away.  By February 2018 we made the decision to have the mass removed, Tigger was booked in for op and for 6 months was recovering well.

Then in August we noticed he was limping and looking a little swollen, we found two more lumps.  We got him in to see his vet straight away and booked in for surgery, over the next few days Tigger started struggling to climb the stairs or jump on the low sofa.  I asked the vets to xray to check his joints whilst they were operating to remove the lumps.  

On the day of surgery the vet called me right after the xray, a bullet had shown up and was touching Tiggers spine, there was no question about it - it had to be removed, left in it could paralyse him, removing it could paralyse him! The vet worked his magic and the op was a success, Tigger is recovering well thankfully.  We have absolutely no idea when he has been shot, as I said he has been indoor for almost a year now; the vet found no evidence of entry wound and believes it is possible this happened a very long time ago possibly even before we adopted him, sickening to think someone deliberately tried to harm our boy!

Tigger is now getting the original op today, thankfully the lumps dont appear to be sinister but we will find out more after lab analysis; hopefully he will be back to full strength before long, we are hoping to crowdfund to cover the costs of the emergency surgery (£400), if we manage to raise more than this we will donate to a charity of vets choice in support of the amazing work they have done for our amazing, bulletproof boy!

Thank you.

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