recycled and eco friendly wood craft business

recycled and eco friendly wood craft business

to buy a live on premises for wood workshop so i can support my partner with her mental health issues and my 6 yr old son who has autism

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 I am in desperate need of help. 

 my partner sufferes with mental health issues since she had a flesh eating disease from a c-section, and my 6 year old son has learning difficulties and some form of autism. Because im always needed to be at home ihave been un able to work, although i really want to be able to provide for my family but also be on hand for my children and partner. I have been trying to start a woodworking business but lack space and finance, and to futher increase my stress my chicken shed was set on fire today which killed my childrens chickens and burned all the fencing down also my neighbours fishing storage shed, ive now had the majority of residents form a lynch mob and physically starting on me as they are trying to drive people out so they can move their family in to every house in the street, ive had to send my children to their nans as they are terrified saying 'theyre coming to murder us' i  need to move to a premises where i can start a wood work business and be on hand to deal with my families needs and where my children feel safe and i can give them support.

I would like to start a business where i can salvage and re use materials, mainly wood for crafts and metals for making garden burners, i think in this society too much gets thrown away that could have many years of life left, i make anything from tea trays to poultry housing, ferret enclosures to decorative light boxes.

  I went out at the age of 12 and found work on a local farm and have had a few years experience agriculture, not only would i like to start the woodworking but also have somewhat of a farm shop where you could not only buy say your chicken arks but also the chickens or ducks themselves. 

My son really struggles with reading and writting but he responds well to hands on activities, which i feel i would be able to provide him with if this is successful.

  i would like to thank you for reading this  and if you are able to contribute, i can not express my gratitude enough for helping me and my family