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Emergency Early Years Staff Mental Health Support

by #thatnurserylife in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

Emergency Early Years Staff Mental Health Support


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To expand how well can support the mental health and wellbeing of childcare professionals during lockdown

by #thatnurserylife in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

That Nursery Life is the fastest growing online platform to inform, equip and empower early years professionals in the UK. Thousands of childcare professionals engage with our platform every week as they seek support and advice to make their time at work a little easier.

Since the latest lockdown came into effect we have been overwhelmed with requests for additional support as childcare professionals experience a crisis of mental health and wellbeing. Whilst schools, colleges, and universities have all been closed, all childcare provision has been required to remain open to all children.

It is not feasible for childcare professionals to use PPE to the extent needed to keep themselves safe, nor is it realistic for early years children to socially distance. Imagine trying to comfort a crying baby whilst wearing a mask, or trying to keep a group of energetic three year olds from playing closely together!

As a result, early years professionals are almost universally feeling extremely vulnerable and stressed as they continue traveling to work every day, and exposing themselves to significant risks of contracting COVID-19. 

To make matters worse, a significant number of families are electing to keep their children away from early years settings at this time. However, because the government has required these businesses to remain fully-open, there is no financial support available for childcare providers who are losing revenue from children not attending. This only adds to the mental stress and anxiety being experienced by childcare professionals as they also have to worry about the risk of their employer closing down due to financial pressures.

What can we do?

Already, That Nursery Life is pouring all available resource and capacity into supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our community. We are publishing new content daily with advice and signposting to sources of support, as well as creating innovative multi-media content to try and provide some practical impact directly, such as our new "Mindful Monday" podcast. Our small team are publishing advice on how to tackle insomnia, apps and online tools which can facilitate mindfullness, tips on simple CBT self-help techniques and much more. 

However, we are barely scratching the surface.

How will these funds help?

We are seeking additional funding specifically to support our expanded role in supporting mental health and wellbeing. These additional funds will allow our work to expand substantially by:

  • Recruiting a mental health professional who can offer live, personal support to our community via our web-chat facility
  • Increasing the capacity of our freelance writing team so that we can double the rate production for new mental health related content
  • Enabling us to commission a series of live, virtual events led by qualified mental health professionals to more effectively teach our community how to best protect their mental health and wellbeing

With your support, we can help to protect the professionals who are dilligently caring for and educating the nation's youngest children from suffering long term consquenes for their mental health.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

We will send a message of support to a childcare provider of your choosing, something which will mean a huge amount to the staff in that setting. e.g. If your children attend a nursery, a £20 pledge will mean you can send them a special message of support

£50 or more

£50 Reward

We will send a physical card, with a handwritten message of support to a childcare provider of your choosing, providing an even more personal and heartfelt boost to the moral and wellbeing of staff working in that setting

£100 or more

£100 Reward

We will send a personalised box of biscuits and a hand written card to a childcare provider of your choice, truly showing the staff in that setting that their hardwork and sacrifice is not going unnoticed

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