Emergency - help get Labour MEPs elected

by Mike Buckley in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Emergency - help get Labour MEPs elected


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Only Labour can stop Nigel Farage's Brexit Party winning the European elections. Help us get Labour MEPs elected next week.

by Mike Buckley in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

The only way to stop Farage's Brexit Party is to vote Labour. 

The voting system we use for the European elections favours big parties over small parties - it's not truly proportional. As a result the Lib Dems, Greens and Change UK won't get many - if any - MEPs, but votes they take from Labour would help the Brexit Party win even more seats. 

The only party able to stop Farage winning the vote, and winning most MEPs, is Labour. 

If Brexit parties win they will claim that the country still wants Brexit.

Just as importantly - the MEPs we send to Brussels will represent us there for 5 years. If we send enough Labour MEPs we can get a socialist President of the European Commission - a big prize that could help us make Europe more socialist.

We will use any money raised to support Labour MEP candidates across the country - helping to make sure that we elect as many Labour MEPs as possible. 

This will help us win a second referendum and, if the polls are right, a socialist President of the European Commission who can change the EU for good. 

People criticise Labour for wanting to represent Leave and Remain voters, but in the end Labour is the only party able to win a public vote in Parliament. They have voted for one three times in Parliament - and in the last two sets of indicative votes, Labour MPs made sure that a second referendum was the most popular option. 

Supporting Labour MEP candidates makes a second referendum more likely - and could lead to a more socialist, fairer and equal EU. 

How your donations helps 

Our team of regional organisers, working with Labour activists across the country, will support Labour MEP candidates, making sure they get all the support they need to reach voters over the next week. 

Our comms team will help with social media, and reaching voters through local newspapers, radio and TV. 

Your donation 

Every donation makes a difference - thank you for your support. 

We will be in touch to let you know what we're doing - and the difference your donation is making. 

Let's make 'Emergency - help get Labour MEPs elected' happen

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