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Embracing The World Of People

"I believe we are all One and there cannot be and are not any territories able to keep us from loving, caring and embracing each other." ~JK

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 94 days

EMBRACING THE WORLD OF PEOPLE inspired and created by Jolita Kelias is calling on Everyone to help her pitch her project to Richard Branson as part of the Virgin media VOOM 2016 competition.  


Embracing the World of People is a family made of people like you and me. In this world we get ahead with the support and help of others. This Family is inviting you and me to work as one body through the acceptance and love of our own hearts. We are One Big Family!

The aim is to come together with acts of kindness small or big, care, forgiveness, tolerance and mutual understanding that there is no need for drama, for suffering and pain, that there is no need to fight and go to wars, that you can say No and stand by it. The aim is to empower people by reminding them that they are worthy of goodness and love and second chances, that no one is given a right to bully anyone to do anything they disagree to, that peace is born through elimination of fight and conflict by the mindset focused on tolerance, understanding, knowledge and acts of kindness, that love is the root of goodness.

This project, this idea, this slow but sure movement is an invitation to embrace each other not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, to accept the difference and actually to celebrate it.

One person is a beginning of a significant difference, and the joining of two and more and more and the whole shift that humanity needs now and here.


Please join me. Please, come forward!! Your loving nature, your help, your skills and talents, your support, your willingness, your kindness is needed and welcomed.


Jolita Kelias

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