To continue holding our annual Breast Cancer Halloween Extravaganza events and Breast Awareness/wellbeing workshops.

We did it!

On 26th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Embracing Change Limited are a registered non profit Breast Cancer Organisation dealing in well being after reconstructive surgery due to mastectomies.


 Since 2014 we have been holding our Halloween extravaganzas which raise money so we can hold our breast awareness workshops which consist of art, sculpture, music, film. We need to pay for materials and the upkeep/admin of the organisation  to keep it afloat. 

Unfortunately our funds have run out and our website has been forced to close as it could not be afforded as we have to pay for our domains, hostings and other additional fees to keep a website.

We have been fortunate enough to hold our events in the View Tube cafe for free, but due to unforeseen circumstances the cafe  had to close down due to a hike in overheads and rates! This means leaving us without a venue for our following extravaganzas. 

We are hoping to raise this money so as to find a venue in local proximity where we can hold our events. . The money raised goes back into our non profit organisation for admin and to put on art therapy workshops and the up keep of Embracing Change Limited.

It would be a shame to undo all of our sterling work in the past three years because we cannot afford another venue. I'm hoping we can all come to share the word and help our non profit organisation bring about awareness of the 'forgotten community'. 


Some of our sculptures from the workshops
Everybody dresses up
Grand prize raffle winner
Everyones a winner.
Fantastic costumes
Some art

Our T-shirts
Live music

Superb night.

                                     SUPPORTING CANCER AFTER RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY.        


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