EM Solidarity - Christmas Student fundraiser

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Please donate something to allow the East Midlands Solidarity group to provide essentials to people who are so desperately in need!

We did it!

On 29th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £435 of £400 target with 27 supporters in 28 days

Its getting very cold in Nottingham - Many of us are sitting in the heated libraries and rooms around campus in layers of jumpers and coats - Imagine how cold it is in the refugee camps across Europe! I have been involved with the East Midlands Solidarity group who are working relentlessly to organise essential aid being sent over to people in these camps.

As Christmas approaches and the weather deteriorates, the conditions in these camps are going to become even more desperate. While we are all cosy in our homes sharing food and presents, please take a moment to think about all the men, women and children desperately holding onto life in camps like the one in the picture below. I have been to some of these camps and no humans should be living in such poor conditions.

Please donate something to allow the East Midlands Solidarity group to provide essential items such as food, warm coats, shoes, tents and sleeping bags to people who are so desperately in need. There are over 50,000 students in Nottingham from the two universities - if each student gave just £1 imagine the difference this could make! - No donation is too small; all the little bits add up and make a huge difference.

One large bag of rice costs £1; to us that is the cost of the 34 bus into town, to a family with no food in one of these camps that is a meal for a few days.

We live in a beautiful world but it is not always balanced - while we are opening new Christmas presents some people in these camps will not even have shoes or tents. If you want to help change this please donate and share this with any friends and family who might be interested in helping!

Finally please also take time today to appreciate something beautiful in your life - whether its time with a loved one, or the colours of the sky. Focus on the gifts we have and smile whenever you can - I know I have a lot to be grateful for! :) 



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