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Elrick Primary School & Community Improvements

by Bruce Bain in Westhill, Scotland, United Kingdom

Elrick Primary School & Community Improvements
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To improve Elrick Primary School, engage with the wider community in providing a brighter and happier environment for all to enjoy.

by Bruce Bain in Westhill, Scotland, United Kingdom

I have been involved in the Parent Council at my 8 year old daughters school since she joined Elrick Primary back on the 16th August 2016.

Having helped out as often as I can at the school (I work 2 weeks on/off) over the last 3 years including to help start the running club for P4-7, Bikability for P6’s & Library duties, it was only recently I became part of the Parent Council Committee.

I find it very rewarding working with the Parent Council, our team at Elrick Primary School are very dedicated, professional & extremely helpful to the Headmistress & her staff to provide the best opportunities & give support for all the children to help them on their journey through their early years.

I cannot praise enough the commitment & hours the Parent Council & helpers give to the school to ensure we provide the best service to all the kids through some very difficult times & very tight budgets.

We are fully committed to equality & fairness at our school, embracing & engaging with all the children from many diversities in life.

Our vision will be to put in place an innovative project of building a better playground & the communal park which is used by both the school & the local community.
Not only will this enhance the children’s enjoyment it will benefit Elrick & Westhill which engages from the youngest to the elderly within those areas.

The park has beautiful trees & grassland, by enhancing seating, child buddy seats (seats used for the youngest pupils at the school to sit if they have no friends at playtimes & the more senior pupils will join them to keep company or play with) & the activity area, it will give everyone who lives locally the opportunity to use & just rest whilst taking in the fresh air & views.

It will give grandparents, parents & carers the opportunity to sit & rest whilst allowing the children entertain themselves outside of school hours.

This is more than just a school project for the children & it’s staff it will bring together a wider community & hopefully will lead to a much happier & healthier lifestyle for all involved.

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