The Elmbridge Hundred - A Visual Journey

Publication of a book with photographs and references to the 'Elmbridge Hundred' project and exhibition of a selection of the photographs

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The Elmbridge Hundred - A Visual Journey

The Project: Book and Exhibition

Aim of the project is the production of a high-quality photographic book with one hundred images taken in the Borough of Elmbridge and bringing those images to Elmbridge residents and visitors alike with an exhibition of a selection of those at the Riverhouse Barn in Walton-on-Thames.

What is the 'Elmbridge Hundred' project?

The 'Elmbridge Hundred' history project started in 2009 with the intention to help Elmbridge residents discover their borough, to deepen their understanding of its history, develop a sense of community and to appreciate its beauty. It brought together schools, museums, resident societies and charities in the quest to learn about and publicise the history and heritage of Elmbridge and preserve it for future generations. From a shortlist of over 600 biographies that were researched, a panel selected those it considered the hundred most influential residents who have ever lived in the borough. You can find the all the biographies on the project's website at

The book

„The Elmbridge Hundred – A Visual Journey“ picks up on the theme of a Hundred. It will be a high-quality hardcover book with one hundred photographs depicting the varied aspects of Elmbridge life, its countryside and its people. From Black Pond on the Esher Commons to Concorde at Brooklands, from swans at Cowey Sale to the bluebell carpet at Painshill, from the Landscape Garden at Claremont to sunrise in Molesey’s Hurst Park the viewer discovers the beauty and variety of life and land in Elmbridge. The book includes the ten winning images of a photographic competition to portray the visual attractions of Elmbridge, which was open to students of local senior schools, giving them a chance to get involved and have their work featured in a high quality book.

The book will also feature the 'Hundred' most influential people as selected by the history project. They are listed in the respective chapters of the places, with which they were associated.

The exhibition

There is no substitute for seeing images printed, framed and hung on a wall. It gives residents and visitors alike the opportunity to engage in a meaningful way with the photographs and reflect on the visual attractions the Borough of Elmbridge has to offer. 

The exhibition is booked for three weeks from 12th until 30th November 2014 at the Riverhouse Barn in Walton-on-Thames. The opening night will be held in aid of Princess Alice Hospice in Esher. All proceeds from an auction of a framed and signed print from the book will be donated to the Hospice. In addition, the Hospice will receive £1 for each sold book and 10% of all sales proceeds of any other framed prints sold on the night.

Why crowdfunding and who else is involved?

With your help, the book and exhibition can reach several thousand people, both residents of Elmbridge and visitors. It will encourage them to engage with their local area, step out and discover both history and beautiy of their surroundings. 

Many people have been involved in this project. I have been encouraged and supported throughout by Charlie Waite, one of the UK's best-known landscape photographers and founder of the 'Take a view - Landscape Photographer of the Year' annual competition. The Elmbridge Hundred Steering Committee, which includes artists, museum directors, council officers and others, has been enormously helpful in guiding me in the process. Well-known residents of Elmbridge have been involved too, such as Michael Aspel OBE, who is sharing his thoughts on Elmbridge in the foreword of the book.

Students from Elmbridge's senior schools have submitted some wonderful photographs to the competition, which I held for this book. The ten winning images will feature in the book. One student - Bryony Ross with her unusual image of an electricity pylon - has been chosen by Charlie Waite as the overall winner of the competition. 

How the money will be spent

The funds raised will cover approximately 20% of the overall cost for book and exhibition. £750 will cover the gallery hire for 3 weeks at the Riverhouse Barn in Walton-on-Thames (booked for 12-30 November 2014). £1250 will contribute about one fifth of the cost of producing the actual book. Any additional funds raised over and above the target will be used to ship the books from the printers in Italy to Walton-on-Thames, print invitations and flyers for the exhibition and buy drinks and nibbles for the opening night.

About me

Having discovered a keen interest in photography in 2004, I started to seriously engage in landscape photography in 2007. In 2010 I held my first exhibition, jointly with fellow landscape photographer Huw Alban, at the Robert-Phillips-Gallery in the Riverhouse Barn in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Further exhibitions followed in June 2011 at the Zeitkunst Gallery in Born am Darß, Germany as part of the photo festival "Horizonte" and in 2014 at the Mall Galleries, London as part of the "Year of the Print" exhibition organised by 'Light and Land'.

 My images have been published in magazines in the UK and in a calendar, which was distributed in Europe and Asia. I have sold images in the UK, Europe and US. In spring 2014 I was awarded a licentiateship by the Royal Photographic Society. I am a contributor to 'Landscapes by Women', a community group dedicated to the art of outdoor photography created by women. See more at

17 June 2014 - Addition: Paypal asked me today to include the following words on my project page: Best efforts, no guarantees. Apparently all campaigns that promise rewards for pledges should have these words on their page somewhere. They relate to the delivery of rewards and are designed to ensure backers are aware that with every project there is a chance of a delay in the fulfilment of rewards promises. In any case, I endeavour to fulfill all my pledges within the stated time frames and will keep all backers informed about the progress of it. 

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