Elliot Ball's Parliamentary Candidacy

Elliot Ball's Parliamentary Candidacy

Offering an alternative to the people of East London; #timeforchange, not more of the same.

We did it!

On 13th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £910 of £500 target with 51 supporters in 21 days

Dear All,

Many of us face uncertainty in our everyday lives; unemployment stays high, rents grow higher, and in real terms, many of us are much worse off than we were a decade ago.

The three major parties have held a stranglehold on British politics for far too long; governments come and go, but the situation remains the same. I think that it's time we changed that together. I will be standing in the upcoming election on behalf of the 30-50 Coalition, a political movement that is campaigning for the introduction of 12 extra regional seats in parliament, which are reserved for independent candidates. We need politicians that care about what the public need, not what the their party wants. 

The government serves its people, not the other way around, and so I will be campaigning to protect our NHS, to create jobs, and for a fairer tax system that sees the corporations pay their share as well. Workers have been exploited too long, whilst international companies profit, that's not what makes our country great.

The money we raise through this Crowdfunder will go towards the materials we need to match the big parties in terms of campaigning, without it we won't be able to get our message out to the voters and the status quo will remain.

I, like so many others, want to see an end to the social and political injustices that pervade our country, it's #timeforchange; please help us make that change.

Kind Regards,







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