Ellen Tinkham Hydrotherapy Pool Project

Ellen Tinkham Hydrotherapy Pool Project

Ellen Tinkham Special School needs to raise an additional £12,500 for specialist Hydrotherapy Pool Equipment.The £36,000 has now been raised

We did it!

On 30th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £880 with 30 supporters in 56 days

Ellen Tinkham School in Exeter is a Local Authority funded school for children and young people aged between 3-19  who have servere learning and physical disabilities.   The PTFA (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) have been working hard over a great deal of time to raise the funds to create a new Hydrotherapy Pool facility, to help the pupils with various aspects of their development, health and well being. Thanks to the amazing generosity of the public and organisations the previous fundraising target of £36,000 has now been raised.

However, this is not the end of the journey, as we now need to raise a further £12,500 for specialist equipment and it's installation.  We wish to purchase ceiling tracks, hoists, adjustable beds, floatation aids and a sensory sound system.  

The ceiling tracks, hoists and adjustable beds really are essential for pupils who are wheelchair users. Pupils can be moved using a hoist, which are attached to the ceiling track, to the adjustable bed to get them dressed/undressed and provide other levels of care. The pupil can then be moved using a hoist to the adjustable beds, to their wheelchair or using the hoist and ceiling track, can be moved to the pool.  The specialist equipment  we need to raise the money for really is a necessity not a luxury and will provide a safer and more dignified environment.

Another piece of equipment we want to purchase is a sensory sound system.  This is an amazing piece of equipment that can be adjusted to the needs and suitability of each pupil.  Creating lights , sounds and music to provide pupils with a lovely experience whilst in the water.  This system will help pupils relax, help with their sensory aversions and create a beautiful space for the pupils to be open to all the experiences that the Hydrotherapy Pool provides.

The Hydrotherapy Pool is 40 years old and we have, with public support, raised the money needed to extend, refurbish and upgrade the pool.  We are so grateful for all the support we have been given.  We would be very grateful if this support would continue to enable us to finish this long project. 

No matter how shallow or deep your donation every amount donated really does count.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project, thank you for your kind donation and thank you for helping us to create a much needed and amazing facility at Ellen Tinkham School.

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