Help Ella Faye to Central!

by Ella Faye in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Ella Faye to Central!


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I've been offered a place on the MA in Acting at the Royal Central School and Drama & trying to raise the funds!

by Ella Faye in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello beautiful people, 

Please may I have you attention for just two minutes?

I'm Ella, 24 year old actor, dancer and movement director from Teesside and I have been offered a place on the MA in Acting at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama!!

However the course fees are £18,882, before living costs (yikes). I can get a £10,000 loan from the government which means I'm just £8,882 short of paying my fees. 

So I've come to offer my photography, my services and my time in return for any donations that will help get me to Central! (See 'Rewards').

If I do not raise enough funds to go, I will be giving a refund. 

Here's my story:

I have been working hard (12 hour days in recruitment kind of hard) to save money for Drama School, pursuing acting, dance, singing exams, directing and preparing intensely for auditions and industry showcases in my free time (yes, it's been bloody exhausting, but worth it).

For the past 6 years I've worked hard, trained hard, sacrificed a lot, and as a result, have got into the National Youth Theatre this year and have been offered a place on the MA in Acting at Central, which, as one of the best Drama Schools in the world, is something I never could have imagined. 

Alumni includes Dame Judi Dench, Martin Freeman, Zoe Wanamaker, Dawn French, Kit Harrington, Carrie Fisher and many more.

It's a full 12 month intense MA doing 3 plays and an industry showcase, almost guaranteeing me an agent at the end and preparing me fully to go straight into industry.

This has been my dream school and course for years, and I had planned to audition again after my training at RADA, but here we are!! one year early!!! I am so freaking happy, proud, excited, EVERYTHING.

I'd really appreciate anything at all you can donate. I've worked so hard to get here and it would be such a shame to reject the offer purely because of money. 

There is a huge issue in the arts right now around privilege and higher opportunities due to social circles and financial backing. 

"The actress Maxine Peake (Bolton-raised, resides in Salford, went through Rada in the 1990s) told me recently that she could not afford to train for the stage now. And the actor David Morrissey told the Radio Times: “We’re creating an intern culture – it’s happening in journalism and politics as well – and we have to be very careful because the fight is not going to be there for people from more disadvantaged backgrounds.” - Stuart Maconie: The privileged are taking over the arts

I wrote about this in my dissertation and continue to educate myself around the subject in the hope that I can contribute to closing the class gap in the industry moving forward and throughout my career. Here is an interesting read by The Guardian around the subject - 

However I do want to give back! Please see 'Rewards' for my offers, and scroll down for further information on what each reward means. 

I will share as many updates as possible; invite you all to my West End shows when I make it; and will aim to help other struggling actors trying to pay for Drama School. I hope I have gained your faith in my future success and that you join my on my journey. 

Lots of love and thank you for reading.

Ella Faye x 

P.S. Please scroll past these photos for more detailed info on the Rewards offered (see 'Rewards') and a collection of my photographs you can choose from. 


2nd AD for Age of Reason


Photographs - I am a film photographer in my spare time, and have a number of photos I will get professionally printed ready to frame. For rewards that say *framed* photograph(s), let me know your preference in colour. Scroll down for photos!!

Workshops - I have been working as an assistant director and movement director and part-time drama teacher for the past 4 years, hosting many workshops with actors of all ages. Similarly I have been asked to work with and train people in public speaking. I use acting methods and techniques to combat stage fright, build confidence and improve skills in performing and public speaking. 

One to Ones - Having spent years of my life auditioning, training, acting, public speaking and teaching (English and Drama) I have a lot to offer in one to ones, depending on what you are looking to gain. This can be used for yourself or as a gift to someone you think would benefit from the sessions. To my contacts in China, I can offer virtual English Lessons in the topic of your choosing along with homework which I will mark, and a summary document of everything we have covered. 

Volunteer work - I will volunteer for two or more full days at a charity of your choice, under your name. Alternatively if you are needing help on a project I can offer my skills as Assistant Director, 2nd AD, Stage Manager, movement director, continuity or runner on your project, whether it be theatre, film, radio or anything else. 

Photographs, 35mm

Here are some of my photographs you can claim as a reward:


'Roofs of Venice'

Venice, Italy

'Half Dome'

Yosemite, California, USA

'Fields of Yellow' 

North Yorkshire, England

'Swiss Mountains'

Engelberg, Switzerland

'St Mark's Clocktower'

Venice, Italy 

'Manhattan Island'

 New York, USA


Greenwich Village, New York, USA

'Dallas City'

Dallas, Texas

'Fort Worth'

Texas, USA 

'People Have the Power' 

Extinction Rebellion, London (Climate change protests)

'Summer of Love' 

San Francisco, California  

'Deserts of Arizona' 

Arizona, USA

'Tuk Tuk' 

Bangkok, Thailand 


Pai, Thailand 


Yosemite, California 

'Route 66' 

Arizona, USA

'BKK Sunset' 

Bangkok, Thailand 

'Haight Ashbury' 

San Francisco, California

'Venice at Sunset'

Venice, Italy 

'Buildings of Venice'

Venice, Italy 

'Carnival Di Venezia'

Venice, Italy 

'Lady in Roses'

Venice, Italy


Brooklyn, New York

'Ghost Street'

Beijing, China

'Cross Eyed Moose'

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

'Hey, Arthur!' 

Connecticut, USA

'The Big Sur Post Boxes'

California, USA

'Vernal Falls'

Yosemite, California 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

10 of 250 claimed

£20 Reward

A personalised thank you postcard, with one of my photographs on the front

£50 or more

1 of 100 claimed

£50 Reward

An A5 print of one of my photographs (of your choice) + A thank you postcard

£100 or more

1 of 200 claimed

£100 Reward

An A5 print of one of my photographs --- Quarterly updates and photos of my training --- A virtual tour of Central --- A tote bag with one of my photographs on

£200 or more

0 of 100 claimed

£200 Reward

A *framed* A5 print of one of my photographs (or 2 prints) ---- Quarterly updates ---- A virtual tour of Central ---- A ticket to my final show at National Youth Theatre ---- One to one training with myself in acting, public speaking, voice, movement, audition technique or English lessons.

£500 or more

0 of 20 claimed

£500 Reward

Quarterly updates & photos from Central --- A *framed* A5 print of one of my photographs --- A ticket to my final in-house show at Central ---- 2 x one to one training with myself in acting, voice, public speaking, audition technique or English lessons ---- 1 x acting or public speaking workshop at your organisation ---- A tote bag with one of my photographs on

£1,000 or more

0 of 50 claimed

£1000 Reward

3 x framed prints of any of my photographs ---- 2 x public speaking or acting workshops at your organisation ---- 2 x days volunteering as an AD, 2nd AD, stage manager or runner for your project ---- OR ---- 2 days volunteering for your preferred charity

£2,000 or more

0 of 7 claimed

£2000 Reward

3 x workshops in acting or public speaking at your organisation ---- 3 x one to one training with myself in acting, public speaking, audition technique, English lessons ---- 3 x framed photographs ---- 2 x tickets to my National Youth Theatre final performance ---- 2 x tickets to my Central final performance ---- 2 x tickets to my first West End Show

£5,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£5000 Reward

5 x workshops in acting or public speaking at your organisation ---- 5 x one to one training with myself ---- Tickets to my final performance at NYT & Central ---- Tickets to two of my first West End shows ---- A personal tour of Central ---- Up to 5 x framed photographs ---- 2 days volunteering for your preferred charity/project ---- A character named after you in the play I'm writing + credits --- An invite to my first red carpet event!

Let's make 'Help Ella Faye to Central!' happen

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