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We are Elite Eco Wash We are London's first chemical free mobile car wash service.

by Elite Eco Wash in London, England, United Kingdom

While researching the car valeting industry we came across many articles, videos and information about the damages that typical car washes cause to the interior and exterior of cars. We were shocked with the results, some damages leaving owners to cash up thousands of pounds to amend the damages. 

We all grew up around car washes, helping dad wash his car on a Sunday morning, or sitting in the car while it went through the automatic car wash. So we were intrigued into how car washes actually damage cars, was it the technique ?. 

We found that it was a combination of product and technique. The paint of a car is very very fragile, car soaps and sprays and packed with chemicals, chemicals which with each apply eat away at the paint work of the car. 

This is why we created Elite Eco Wash. Elite Eco Wash is London's first chemical free mobile car wash. 

We take pride in using chemical free products to keep cars clean and safe and also we keep the environment safe by reducing the amount of water wastage caused by car washes. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

Half price wash (London based only)

If you are in London, We will reward everyone who gave £40 or more with a half price wash of your choice

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