Elisabeth Shell Events

by Phoebe Stanaway in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Elisabeth Shell Events
We did it
On 18th December 2019 we successfully raised £1,320 with 9 supporters in 47 days

My aim is to be able to reach my target funding to be able to invest in growing my new business venture Elisabeth Shell Events.

by Phoebe Stanaway in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we reach £1250, let's try for £5000.... oh my goooooodness! Thank you so, so much for your support.

The extra money will be invested into more materials for art works and installations, and a new lap top for HQ! 

Hopefully we'll get some artists and festival vendors hearing about this that might like to collaborate and we can invest some time into pulling the festival concept together!! 

The Dream

Having worked in the events and hospitality industry for over 15 years, I feel it is the right time to be bold and brave and take the leap to realise the dream of becoming self employed! 

I have so much passion, energy and an eye for detail when it comes to creative events, weddings and festivals and love making peoples dreams come true - especially when it comes to the biggest and sometimes most important days of their lives. 

My dream is to be able to eventually run my own festival - full of art and magical installations, music and great food & drink showcasing the wonderful South West's amazing independent makers, artists, musicians and independents

Elisabeth Shell Events is just starting out though! I would love if you could help get the show on the road by investing in me to begin my journey. It'll be small steps to begin with, but hopefully I can get there! 

The Pledges

Elisabeth Shell Events will need to start the journey at the beginning, no jumping on anyone else's ship. I have been struggling along on my own for a few months taking You Tube tutorials on how to make websites and using my meagre savings up buying mirror ball tiles and tea light holders! 

To start your investments will help:

1. Buy business cards and be able to market the brand; to buy advertising space on platforms for events & weddings

2. Rent some studio space to be able to create and store the art installations and styling equipment which will be used at festivals and weddings

3. Buy the materials needed to create mirrorball unicorns (yes you read that right!) - see more on this shortly

4. Buy merchandise to sell to spread brand awareness - and because they're awesome :) (t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, enamel badges etc)

5. Be able to afford a web designer to help me improve my website

6. Buy pitch fees for stalls at fairs to be able to book clients

7. Branch out into local festivals and be able to volunteer to gain experience as Site Crew and Site Management (I'm super keen for this festival in the future!)

8. Host networking events, wedding and craft fairs to showcase the local talent and meet the people who will help to drive my business forward

9. Buy materials to create beautiful stock to style festivals and weddings with

Art Installations, Styling & Fellow Artists

Let me tell you more about the...

...Mirrorball Unicorns!

For a festival recently I rediscovered my love for being an artist myself - and made a full size carousel horse into a disco mirrorball unicorn! 

I would love to make more of these - they are the main hire item/art sculpture to sell that Elisabeth Shell Events will produce. I'm hoping to be able to take commissions - if you'd like your own one day let me know! These will be perfect additions to art fairs, galleries and festivals (and for the more wacky weddings too!) 

They are incredibly expensive to make. And unfortunately too big to fit into my tiny cottage lounge in Devon :(  So - the space to create and store these would be a fantastic addition to the Elisabeth Shell Events arsenal. 


Elisabeth Shell Events plans, styles and coordinates weddings and this service is, shall we say, the bread and butter of the business. I have delivered over 100+ beautiful, bespoke weddings for venues and am ready to break into the freelance world. The experience, time, effort and hard work that I have invested in becoming a leading industry professional shows my dedication and ambition to succeed and drive this business forward. 


I have already had one of my styled shoots published in Devon's fabulous Wed Magazine (issue 41 - Country Love) and I am raring to go with new ideas and concepts.

I have some absolutely gorgeous testimonials from my couples on my website, under 'Kind Words': www.elisabethshellevents.com - please do take a moment to have a look through. I honestly throw my whole heart, soul and energy into making a couples' wedding their absolute dream day. 

So why me?

I know, I ask myself that a lot too. In fact, I'm almost too scared to actually do this just because it's asking people for things, money in fact, and I hate doing that. Doesn't everyone? But I really believe in this. I believe that in the future I can organise an incredible new, exciting festival; one that supports and showcases the South West's talented businesses, artists and musicians. 

I believe that I can lead Elisabeth Shell Events to be able to offer exceptional wedding planning and coordination at an affordable price. I believe I can create awesome disco mirrorball unicorns to complement the direction Elisabeth Shell Events is going! 

If you believe I can do it too, if you think you might know someone who would benefit from having a super trooper worker bee championing them and their business (in any event be it a wedding supplier or festival trader), or even if you just want to see if we really can pull off this future festival... then please help fund our growth. Elisabeth Shell Events will be forever grateful.

What I'm going to be doing

I'm going to be working my socks off throughout the year, pulling 60-80 hour weeks during the wedding and festival seasons, networking and meeting all the people who will help pull this off eventually. Starting small I hope to put on some interesting and beautiful events in the foreseeable future and to grow Elisabeth Shell Events into the inclusive, unique, exciting business I know it can be. It's the boat I'm going to use to sail out there and plan, style, make, create, shake cocktails, organise, coordinate, maitre'd, mirror ball - whatever and however I can do to get there! Your investment and funding will accelerate it's growth into full blown, successful stardom! 

The only thing we'll need is a name for the future festival... all ideas welcome! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Scallop Shell Reward

All the love & an Elisabeth Shell Events T-Shirt!!

£5 or more

Cockle Shell Reward

Lots of love and thanks and smiles and good karma coming your way! Thank you for your support :)

£10 or more

Periwinkle Shell Reward

Enormous thanks and an Elisabeth Shell Events enamel pin badge :)

£20 or more

Oyster Shell Reward

So much gratitude and thanks & an Elisabeth Shell Events tote bag!

£100 or more

Mussel Shell Reward

Should you be lovely enough and believe in me to donate £100 you will not only receive my lifelong thanks but also an Elisabeth Shell Events T-Shirt & mug!!

£250 or more

Clam Shell Reward

Thank you so much for your contribution, you have my heartfelt thanks forever. You will also receive an Elisabeth Shell Events t-shirt and tote bag!

£500 or more

The Big Conch Shell Reward

x2 free tickets to my first Event! An Elisabeth Shell Events T-Shirt, tote bag and mug :) Thank you so much for your support!

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