Elio's transition and top surgery fund

by Elio Yague Raguz in London, England, United Kingdom

Elio's transition and top surgery fund


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Trying to get a little help in funding my transition (specifically top surgery).

by Elio Yague Raguz in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi there! As most of you know, I'm Elio and I'm transgender (FtM). I have been socially transitioning for the past 2-3 years. I've decided to seek care privately so that I can begin to medically transition as soon as I turn 18. 

Because of the way the NHS' gender care works, I cannot see anyone that can help me (regarding therapy or physical transition) within the next few years due to complications with waiting lists and my age.  

The plan for now is to speak to a specialist and begin hormone replacement therapy (HRT). After contacting the clinic I'll be going to, I've been told to prepare to pay for at least 2 sessions (£300 each). I'm doing what I can to fund this part of my transition myself. This crowndfunder, however, is primarily here to start saving for my top surgery. I intend to start saving as soon as I start working after my A-Levels exams in June 2019. 

I'm privileged enough to be able to go through the private route and have a supportive network of friends and family. This treatment will be the beginning of me becoming my true self, but I am going to struggle finding the funds on my own. Any help is appreciated and I'm so thankful to have friends and acquaintances who have communicated their wishes to help me in achieving this goal. 

If you can't donate, I'd appreciate you sharing this around with friends or family. Thanks!

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