Elijah’s ASD assessment

by Rachel Woodcock in Charing Heath, England, United Kingdom

Elijah’s ASD assessment
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My 8 year old son needs assessment for autism. The local authorities unable to fund it so we need to pay for a private assessment.

by Rachel Woodcock in Charing Heath, England, United Kingdom

Hi my names Rachel I am mum to 4 beautiful children who mean the world to me. My son Elijah who is 8 is an amazing big brother, so caring and loving- sometimes too much lol. He loves to play in goal for his football team, loves motorbikes can tell you every single one he sees, loves fast cars and F1 cars and has an amazing mathematical brain. Since starting school we noticed Elijah was “different” to his peers, he struggles to cope in large groups, he gets distressed with loud noises, he struggles to communicate with his peers and it’s heartbreaking to see him trying so hard to understand what’s happening around him. We wouldn’t have him any other way because without the outbursts, the throwing things, the difficult questions and the many evenings consoling him, trying to explain to him why something is dangerous or why he doesn’t get invited to any parties like his friends ????he’s our amazing, full of energy, incredible Eli and we all love him unconditionally. We have been battling for ASD assessment for 3 years but the local authorities funding has been cut and as he’s not struggling academically, he struggles socially and emotionally they won’t fund his assessment so we need to pay £3,000 to have him assessed and diagnosed. With this diagnosis he would be able to have more support in school as without a statement there is no budget for extra support that he truly needs. We want our son to be able to go to school and enjoy learning just like every other child out there but without the emotional and social support he needs he is finding every day a battle and we are fighting right there with him but we need help. Please can you help us to get the assessment our son needs as we have been running around in circles for 3 years and the only viable option right now is to get him assessed privately. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you if you are able to donate we are extremely grateful and if you can’t thats fine too we understand how hard times are for everyone xx

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