Pitch in to help us buy the equipment needed to turn the pitches at Pleckgate into Blackburn's home for grassroots amateur football

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Community Share Project

Blackburn lives and breathes football. It’s been a cradle of the game since its earliest days.

In the 1880s, Blackburn was the epicentre of the revolution that transformed the game of football from something dominated by the public schools and universities into a professional sport.

We’re on the brink of creating something radical and new in football again, but we need your help to achieve it, to finish the job of creating the best facility for amateur football we've had in decades.

We've raised over £400,000 so far, and need your help for the last £25,000 (although £50,000 is better) to finish the job.

What we'll do with the money

The money raised from this share issue will go towards:

  • Football equipment such as goals and corner flags, so that we have excellent quality equipment to match our newly renovated pitches. This will mean that the pitches will be match ready, and local clubs and players can start using them from winter 2017.
  • Working capital to keep the business going during the first year, as the pitches enter their first operational year.
  • Pitch maintenance machinery so that we can keep the new pitches fully maintained for years to come, and so that we can expand our business to other pitches at risk of deterioration.

With this money, alongside the various grants we’ve received, we can create the best amateur football facility in the area bar none.

Why it matters that people have pitches worth playing on

We don’t have the facilities in the area to match our passion for football and so people have been playing on increasing ill-suited pitches.

Some teams are lucky enough to have great facilities, but too many are at the mercy of poor pitches. Quagmires in autumn, dangerously frozen in winter and hard as concrete in summer.

Postponements make organising matches and retaining players ever more difficult, and whereas once we had 100 teams in the area, with the decline in the standard of facilities this is now down to less than 60 in just 10 years.

Great football and great footballers need great facilities, but even the not so great can get an awful lot from the game – but only if they have facilities to play on that enable them to enjoy themselves and no-one, be they great, good or learning the game deserves to play on pitches that aren’t up to the job.

These aren’t all full-sized – they accommodate a range of sizes for different age groups from 7 years old to full size regulation pitches. 

Invest, don't donate

But we don’t want donations – we want your investment. Your money makes you an owner of those pitches and we’re projecting a 2.5% interest payment, plus your money back after 11 years.

Investors are projected to receive 2.5% per year, with a 3-year capital repayment holiday and 8 year term thereafter, subject to the business performing as per our business plan. This means that an investment of £500 turns into £581 after 11 years.

Important documents
Important documents
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