Dance quartet launch immersive new piece

by Eleven Farrer House in London, England, United Kingdom

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We need your help to make an exquisite, professional film trailer and to launch our immersive new dance piece 'circle of perpetual choirs'.

by Eleven Farrer House in London, England, United Kingdom

Please help Eleven Farrer House to raise their target of £6,350 to make an exquisite and professional promotional trailer and to launch our shiny new dance project 'circle of perpetual choirs'!

About us

Eleven Farrer House is a home. It gathers four exceptional female artists and close friends, Gaelin Little, Tara Silverthorn, Lucille Teppa and Cat Westwood. We all lived together back when we trained in dance and, since 2013, we have been working together professionally! The company provides a framework for us to take artistic freedoms and nurture a sense of empowerment within a supportive environment. Our overarching aims lie in creating the conditions for sustainable practice, exercising democracy within our processes and cultivating mutual support of all kinds. We each take turns to initiate ideas and projects, which are all of equal value, regardless of the form they take. 

We create thoughtful and detailed dance works, often bringing different disciplines, influences and collaborators together. We create works for both theatres and unusual or outdoor venues. Commissions have included projects for Happisburgh Lighthouse, Wolstonbury Hill on the South Downs and Laban Theatre.

What are we up to?

We need to create a high-quality trailer so that we can properly pitch and promote our piece to theatres and galleries. We wish to work with our brilliant long-term collaborator, film-maker and cameraman Jason Brooks to create a beautiful and eye-catching trailer, which gives a true feel for the work.

'circle of perpetual choirs' is an experimental dance project ‘in the round’, initiated by company member, Tara. With original sound by experimental composer Sarah Westwood, it shares the profoundly multi-dimensional and multi-sensory nature of movement. Intimate and minimal, ‘circle of perpetual choirs’ gently and steadily acts on its audience, slowing people down and sensitizing them to the subtle magic of choreography. The audience are centred within the space and the choreography unfolds all around, encompassing and including them.

The dancers perform solos which are originally based on specific birdsongs. They explore how moving can feel like sounding, creating a feeling of music and texture. Threads of relationship are spun across the room, rhythms bloom and slip away, weaving an energetic web. The performers loop the choreography in multiple iterations, giving the audience the chance to come back, witnessing the piece again from new perspectives, noticing moments they might have missed the first time around.

Audience feedback and impressions

“Intimate, touching, intriguing, mesmerizing and memorable”.  |  “I felt there was so much space all around me and I was surrounded by dance. It was everywhere.”  |  “Despite the tangible silence, I had an experience of music”  |  “Mechanical and natural. Soft and precise. Deliberate and incidental.”  |  “It made me reflect constantly, adjusting my view from where I was seated.”  |  “It seemed rhythmically and qualitatively infectious. It felt so detailed”  |  “Subtle and thought-provoking” |  “…something about what they were doing took hold of me…” |  “I left feeling calmer than I went in”

We need your help!

The piece is ready and waiting to tour, but in order to show theatres and programmers the potential, feel and flavour of the project, we need to make a snappy and high-quality trailer, which reveals the subtly and fineness of the piece. We have collaborated with exceptional film-maker and cameraman, Jason Brooks several times before on other projects. He has the very best cutting-edge equipment, which will allow us to capture the work seamlessly from a birds-eye view and from a moving audience perspective. His sensitive eye and existing knowledge of our work means he is the best person for the job – but he comes at a price! You can browse through a full archive of his amazing work on his website. 

We’ll be making use of the brilliant FreeSpace Programme at the pristine Studio Wayne McGregor – an initiative which allows independent artists to book these world-class facilities in exchange for offering workshops and community outreach. So not only can the film be created in a perfect environment, but we also get to use our collective wealth of experience to give back to those who love dancing. Win-win!

By giving what you can to this crowdfund, you will be enabling an exciting collaboration to take place and you will be helping provide the key to unlocking the next important step for this work – performing it! You will give us the resources at this crucial stage to be able to rehearse and refine the piece for filming, to pay our film-maker properly for his camera work and edit, and to pay our composer to create a ‘short and sweet’ version of the sound for the trailer. Reaching our target will mean that we can finally buy the appropriate seating (20 simple wooden stools) we need for our audiences to have the best experience and for the work to look its absolute snazziest, rather than making do with what is available at venues. The devil is in the detail with this work! 

Your support will also provide resources to make the first steps with a new producer, helping us to strike up new professional relationships and travel to initial meetings with galleries, theatres and programmers which, until now, has been a D.I.Y. venture. With your help, we’ll be able to pay ourselves a standard minimum fee for rehearsal and shooting. Importantly, you’ll be enabling us to come together and do what we do best – dancing, collaborating and being creative! 

Thank you very much for anything, small or big, that you are able to donate.

Cat, Gaelin, Lucille & Tara

Eleven Farrer House


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- Downloads of birdsongs used to make the choreography. - Your name and a huge thank you on our social media pages and website. - Invitation to a private sharing of the piece in London (date TBC)

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The Spotted Wren Babbler Reward

- Downloads of birdsongs used to make the choreography. - Your name and a huge thank you on our social media pages and website.

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The Golden Ticket!

- All of the above PLUS - A free place on 'Somatics, Beats & Treats' workshop with EFH members in Norwich (23rd May 2020).

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