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by ZEWACT in Zimbabwe


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Due to Covid & a lack of tourism - our staff are on basic pay. Price hikes have caused hardship. Can you help out to buy their mielie meal?

by ZEWACT in Zimbabwe

New stretch target

We will put all extra money towards helping the staff with school fees for their children, which they are also struggling to cover during the pandemic. 


ZEWACT (Zambezi Elephant Welfare And Conservation Trust) looks after 9 elephants, previously used for elephant rides. As baby elephants, they came into human care as a result of culling or drought. Re-wilding was considered, but it is difficult for such animals to reintegrate into the wild. However, two have taken to the wild and we monitor their progress.

We care for our elephants by studying their behaviour, applying humane handling and teaching methods (Cooperative Teaching) and providing a safe, expansive natural habitat, this allows us to understand and improve their welfare. We have developed an education program, that is enjoyable (for both elephants and people) and inspiring for visitors. This impacts perceptions with local communities living with elephants. We are developing a world-class research centre studying elephants. We assist the local conservation environment and collaborate with other conservation organisations targeting Human-Elephant Coexistence in the Victoria Falls area, Zimbabwe.

The Charity’s mission is based on 4 pillars of Conservation, Research, Education and Welfare of Elephants. With an ambassador herd, benefiting from some of the world’s best expert advice in Welfare Science and Conservation, at the centre of the last great elephant range, this is a unique base for thinking in conservation welfare for elephants.

Watch the YouTube video to see "What we all about..."


£20 will buy enough mielie meal for one elephant carer and their family for a month

£50 will help an elephant carer send one of their children to school for a term

£100 covers average annual medical expenses for an elephant carer

£200 covers the cost of a snare removal operation from an antelope (re-Eric the Eland on our Instagram profile @elephantawarenesstrust)


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