Elephant Box

Elephant Box is a brand new stainless steel lunch box. A revolutionary real alternative to plastic containers.

We did it!

On 3rd Jun 2015 we successfully raised £20,160 of £20,000 target with 402 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If we overfund it will enable us to expand our range immediately. The Elephant box is just the first product in this range. Our ambition is to create a one stop shop for ethical and sustainable food storage containers. Overfunding means we can bring two more sizes into our range immediatley. And that way our message that there is an easy alternative to plastic gets heard by many more people.

Elephant Box was born because we wanted to make a brilliant lunchbox.


We wanted to make a lunchbox that was better than plastic. To create a sustainable and ecological alternative. We wanted it to be practical and stylish, and last a really long time and never need end up in landfill.

So now there will be a choice.  If you don't want to buy plastic you won't have to!





The Elephant Box design is inspired by the Indian tiffin. In India these tiffins are used over and over again for many many years and are the perfect thing for carrying your food around. Great for dhal and rice maybe but not if you want a different kind of packed lunch. So our box is designed to be as sturdy and long lasting as a tiffin and big enough to be useful for storing and carrying all sorts of things.




HOW BIG IS THE ELEPHANT BOX?Elephant Box has a 2ltr capacity. It is 22cm/15cm/8.5cm.

IS THE ELEPHANT BOX LEAK PROOF?The Elephant Box has a tightly fitting lid but it is not 100% leak proof.

WHY STAINLESS STEEL?Stainless steel is the best material to use for carrying and storing food in. It's safe and durable and at the end of it's long life it is 100% recyclable. The elephant box is made out of 202 food grade stainless steel. Dishwasher? No problem. I even cooked a shepherds pie in mine!! Oh, and they stack too. 

WHERE IS ELEPHANT BOX MADE?Our factory in Northern India has great expertise in stainless steel manufacture and we have visited twice to develop our box. It's one of a kind. There's nothing else quite like it. 




 With your support we will be able to get the first Elephant Boxes made. We wanted to create an alternative to plastic because let’s face it, plastic is not great for us or the planet. And by creating Elephant Box we will be part of the solution to the mountain of plastic being produced and thrown away each year. Globally it's around 280 million tonnes.






The Elephant Box is ready to go and with this funding we will be able to get it manufactured but we don't want to stop there, as we expand our range we will work with our factory to produce the most useful and best quality stainless steel products. We also aim to collaborate with like minded organisations that work to highlight the problems of plastic pollution.



We have been working on this project for a while now, and during this time we’ve funded Elephant Box ourselves.  We had an idea, developed a prototype and now we have a finished product that we know is viable. The feedback from everyone who's seen it and tested it has been fantastic and we are really excited about getting the Elephant Box out to the world!  Which is where Crowdfunder  comes in…..


The majority of the money we raise will be spent on producing our first big batch of Elephant Boxes. It will also cover the shipping and duty costs and the onward travel in Britain.

The rest will go towards all the things involved in creating a company like this, setting up our online shop and designing and producing our packaging.



If you pledge for an Elephant Box you can expect to receive it by August. Seems a long time? Its a big order for our factory! but it will be worth it!  All other rewards will be shipped by end of June.

If we have hurdles meeting our deadlines, you'll be the first to know about them.  




 We would of course LOVE you to pledge. If that's difficult but you like what we're doing you can still help us massively by spreading the word. Let all your friends, family and even the stranger on the bus know and we'll be eternally grateful.

So, a MAHOOSIVE thank you for taking the time to visit our page, thank you for passing the word on and THANK YOU for pledging. We really mean it!

p.s. you can keep up to date with us on facebooktwitter  and  www.elephantbox.co.uk  xx


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