Element Amenities - Resort Private Label Amenities

by Louisa Vukovic RSE MA in Victoria, Capital, Canada

Element Amenities - Resort Private Label Amenities


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Help Support British Columbia's hospitality/tourism industry while it adapts to COVID-19

by Louisa Vukovic RSE MA in Victoria, Capital, Canada

Element Amenities is a team of beauty and hotel industry experts. Our CEO has an undergraduate degree in the Hotel and Accommodation Industry, a Red Seal endorsement in the Beauty Industry and a Masters Degree in Tourism Management.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created significant challenges for the Tourism industry and the accommodation sector needs to adapt and attract the local guest. More now then ever before.

We believe that creating experiences using every guest touch point possible is the most effective way for our sector to stand out. 

Resorts suites and spas play a significant role in resort attraction for guests and in sustainable destination tourism.

British Columbia's mountains, lakes, islands, rainforests, beautiful stretches of coastline, and world-class skiing make it one of the most popular destinations in Canada.  Wilderness and lifestyle resorts are a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, with spa treatments that focus on mind and body wellness. Element Amenities was created to complement these unique resorts of British Columbia by offering a private label program for in room amenities and skin care products.


Element Amenities is a white label spa and resort amenities company, we create private labeled in room amenities and spa products.

Our private label program customizes resort and spa amenities to be inline with our clients individual brand.  The amenities are created in collaboration with the resort, its branding, and incorporating the resort lifestyle of British Columbia. 


We believe offering consistent, branded products through out all a resorts venues gives it power. 

Power to attract more guests, power to attract the best staff and the power to invest in the growth and vitality of destination tourism.

Our goal for this crowdfunding page is $5500.00. All and any funds received will be used towards operating capital and business development.  

We have an interesting story about how this idea was conceived and launched. 


Let's make 'Element Amenities - Resort Private Label Amenities' happen

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