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Its beyond belief that the public have to fund so many critical services in normal times, is entertainment critical too?

by Electrowerkz in London, England, United Kingdom

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"Electrowerkz – The alternative communities have called it home for decades" Time Out. Since 1987 just behind Angel Tube station at the old Islington Metalworks factory. Electrowerkz has evolved and entertained over 2.5 million people from around the globe, against all the odds for decades in a sprawling central London space with a busy diverse program of grassroots music and events and clubnights. Electrowerkz has been the launchpad for countless diverse bands to hone their skills ranging from Viola Beach, Aphex Twin and Gary Numan. Some acts we have seen on a grassroots level include Sam Fender, who played a show to 200 people with us in 2018 and he has just sold out a 2500 cap socially distanced show in minutes this August. 15-35 live acts a week is standard. 600+ grass music acts playing a year is not unusual.  The venue is also the home of the Wild Bunch Club. London's longest running club night for adults with learning difficulties, featuring DJ's and live acts with talent drawn from the regulars. Aside from creating employment for thousands of regular staff over the years the venue has also worked in partnership with BCE since 2013 honing the skills of apprentices and then sending them out to forge a career in the live music industry. With club events prohibited and other events restricted the majority of the staff are facing redundancy. Though there is no clear framework from the Govt for reopening it appears that their hope is that much of the UK's night time industry will mothball and will somehow survive to open at some point when it's safer, recreating employment and firing up stages for artists. Though the venue had extended insurance cover for business interruption and also notifiable disease our insurance company is refusing to pay up. The UK government has announced a £1.57 billion rescue package to save art, music and theatre industries, but we have yet to secure any funds. There are far sadder tales out there but if there is any way you can help to keep the venues lifelines ticking over, then maybe some time, we can party again!

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