Elect Peter Varley as Green MP for Newport East

by Gwent Green Party in United Kingdom

Elect Peter Varley as Green MP for Newport East
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We need funds to give the people of Newport East the opportunity to vote Green for bold action on climate change and a brighter future

by Gwent Green Party in United Kingdom

Why are we raising funds?

In order to change our country for the good we need to elect more Green MPs to Westminster. More MPs who care deeply about this world.

And we need your help. The Green Party doesn’t have the backing of big business, billionaires or those who see Brexit as a chance to make a fortune out of other people’s misfortunes. We rely on ordinary people making small donations – only as much as they can afford. Together we can do this.

Why Newport?

The Green New Deal promises to bring the revival of manufacturing industry which our city so urgently needs. We need to make the most of our unique advantage - Newport is the city with the highest tidal range in the world. Tidal lagoon projects either side of the Usk could between them supply more than half of Wales's electricity needs. And, of course, we shall need steel to reinforce the structure and manufacture the machinery, and it makes sense for that steel to be produced locally.

Why Peter Varley?

"We often hear politicians praising STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), but how many of them have STEM qualifications themselves? How many of them actually understand the problems of climate catastrophe and what we can do to avert it?

We need more engineers in Parliament. I am an engineer, with a doctorate in computer science. I have worked in manufacturing industry, and you can find software I wrote in use in telephone exchanges and in surgical robots. I know something about how British industry works, and why it so often doesn't".


Promoted by Ian Chandler on behalf of Peter Varley, both at Wales Green Party, The Gate, Keppoch Street, Cardiff CF24 5TR. All funds raised will go to the Gwent Green Party election fund to support candidates fighting elections across Gwent.

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