Elect Pete to Lambeth Council

Help elect the Green Party's Pete Elliott to fight for libraries and housing in Lambeth.

We did it!

On 14th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £720 of £500 target with 21 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Wow - we met our £500 target for leaflets in just four days. THANK YOU! There is clearly a longing in Lambeth for a stronger challenge to Labour's policies of library closures and estate demolitions.

Now we would like to print personally addressed letters to everyone in the ward that we know voted in the May London Elections.  These are the people most likely to vote in a local by-election, which often suffers from a low turn-out.

Our retired volunteer, Barbara, is ready to stuff the letters into envelopes and our delivery volunteers are ready to post them through people's doors. £300 will pay for the envelopes and printing the letters.

Persuading these Gipsy Hill voters to give Pete their vote on June 9 will make a huge difference to whether we get out the vote for Pete and have another Green champion on Lambeth Council listening and standing up for local people .

Help elect the Green Party's Pete Elliott to fight for libraries and housing in Lambeth.

The Gipsy Hill by-election in Lambeth on 9th June is a clear choice between a Green Party which is listening to local people and Labour which is ignoring them.

The Green Party's Pete Elliott pledges to continue the fight to defend local libraries, including Upper Norwood and West Norwood and to save estates including Central Hill from demolition.

Please give NOW to help buy the ink and paper needed to print leaflets to go to everyone in the ward.

£100 pays for 6,000 leaflets

£50 pays for 3,000 leaflets

£10 pays for 600 leaflets

Pete has a track record defending housing (Cressingham Gardens near Brixton) and libraries (he was one of the occupiers of Carnegie library in Herne Hill).

Pete says: "As a councillor I would work hard for the residents of Crystal Palace, Gipsy Hill and West Norwood. The last thing people need is another career politician. They deserve somone who will get things done."

The Green Party currently has one councillor, Scott Ainslie, who is valiently championing neglected communities across the borough. Labour have 58 councillors - and think they don't need to listen.

Electing Pete on June 9th would send a powerful message that people don't like what's going on in Lambeth.

It is possible - in the London Elections in May, Greens were in second place in Gipsy Hill - but it will take a big push and that costs money.

The Green Party doesn't  have funding from big corporations or unions;  it relies on donations from its members and supporters. If you want to see Pete get elected to Lambeth Council on June 9th, please give what you can now.

Volunteering time - to deliver leaflets, stuff envelopes, and put up posters - also makes a difference. If you are able to give an hour or two of your time once a week until June 9th, please get in touch: contact@lambeth.greenparty.org.uk


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