Elect Josh Pope as Green MP for Plymouth

Elect Josh Pope as Green MP for Plymouth

The Green Party would like to stand a Parliamentary candidate in the constituency of Plymouth Moor View.

We did it!

On 19th May 2017 we successfully raised £110 with 7 supporters in 21 days

The Green Party don't have the same level of financial backing that the other parties have, therefore we lack the money required to stand MPs all over the UK.  

The fee to stand as MP is £500 per constituency - apparently this is to deter those who are not serious, but the reality is that it ensures only a certain type of person can stand, and prevents those from poorer backgrounds or without the backing of multimillionaires from getting anywhere. With your help, we might just stand a chance.

In Plymouth, we have been standing candidates in local wards for years to a varying degree of results.

In 2015 we stood in both Plymouth constituencies, gaining 4424 votes across the whole city.

We also have an MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato, which shows that there are people out there who support us.

Please show your support for the Greens and help us stand. If we could find 500 people to donate £1 each, a small amount of money by most peoples standards, we would be there! 

Thank you for taking the time to look at this project.

If you pledge £50 or over, you must be on the electoral register - this is a requirement of donating to a political party. And you'll need to be on it to vote - so register here if you're not. You must also be willing to provide us with your contact details and address. This is required by the Electoral Commission.

 By making a donation you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK, and that this donation is not made for or on behalf of any other person. All donations received are subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Promoted by Joshua Pope on behalf of Plymouth Green Party, both at 21 Roborough Avenue, Plymouth, PL6 6AQ.

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