Elect Grant Smith As Independent MP for Maidenhead

by Grant Smith in Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom

Elect Grant Smith As Independent MP for Maidenhead
We did it
On 4th June 2017 we successfully raised £260 with 8 supporters in 35 days

To fund my campaign to stand as an independent candidate in the 2017 General Election, against Teresa May in Maidenhead

by Grant Smith in Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom

I am standing as an independent candidate in the 2017 General Election in Maidenhead, Prime Minister Teresa May's constituency.

I believe that after the Brexit vote an independent voice holding our politicians to account for their words and actions is more important then ever. I fear an erosion of our hard won liberal, tolerant values and resent the implication that oposition to government poicy after this election will be somehow un-British.

This is not the place to deliver my full political credo but you can read more about me and my campaign at my website.

After announcing my intention to run have had a lot of support voiced from friends, colleagues and acquaintances but of course only Maidenhead voters can vote for me. If you would like contribute in a different way,  please consider contributing financially.

The major expenses I will incur are:

  • My deposit 
  • Printing 50k leafllets, one for each voting houseold in the constituency to be sent via the "Freepost" scheme 
  • The website
  • Printing of posters etc.
  • A selfie stick

These will all be paid out of my own pocket if there are insuffiicient donations, so please consider sharing the burden of my holding your politicians to account.

In the (sadly unlikely) event of this campaign raising more money than i spend, any excess will be given to Medecins san Frontieres

If your donation is to be more than £50, there are certain rules which have to be followed. Generally you have to be a registered UK voter and cannot be anonymous we have to check you against the electoral roll, so please send me a message with your name and address. This will be a nice problem to have. If it is less that £50 there is no problem.

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