Elect Catherine Linstrum as Green MP for Islwyn

by Gwent Green Party in United Kingdom

Elect Catherine Linstrum as Green MP for Islwyn
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We need funds to give the people of Islwyn the opportunity to vote Green for bold action on climate change and a brighter future

by Gwent Green Party in United Kingdom

The Green Party is the only party that puts the world we live in first. We don’t waste time trying to score cheap political points. We’re not in it for the glory. We’re in it to save the world. We have all the answers that we need in order to turn back the terrifying tide of climate change and our programme of action is bold, intelligent and direct. It’s about cutting through the bad old ways that have brought us to this crisis point and instead focusing on renewable energy, public transport, a fully sustainable economy – and letting nature flourish.

Why are we raising funds?

In order to change our country for the good we need to elect more Green MPs to Westminster. More MPs who care deeply about this world.

And we need your help. The Green Party doesn’t have the backing of big business, billionaires or those who see Brexit as a chance to make a fortune out of other people’s misfortunes. We rely on ordinary people making small donations – only as much as they can afford. Together we can do this.

Catherine Linstrum

Catherine joined the Green Party because she realised that time is running out to save our world for the future. She recently campaigned successfully to stop the wasteful, short-sighted M4 relief road destroying more of our precious Welsh landscapes – a road that would benefit big business, increase climate change and do nothing for the people of the South Wales Valleys. Now she’s standing in Islwyn because she believes that the people of Islwyn deserve better. They deserve a bright future – a green future.


Promoted by Ian Chandler on behalf of Catherine Linstrum, both at Wales Green Party, The Gate, Keppoch Street, Cardiff CF24 5TR. All funds raised will go to the Gwent Green Party election fund to support candidates fighting elections across Gwent.

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