Elect a Labour MP for Bromsgrove

We are raising money to fund our campaign to elect a Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Bromsgrove.

We did it!

On 30th May 2017 we successfully raised £937 of £500 target with 38 supporters in 14 days

I am Labour's candidate for the forthcoming General Election. I live in Bromsgrove, with my family, where I work as a teacher. I am also an elected member of Bromsgrove District Council, on which I represent the ward of Rock Hill.

I have never known a time in recent history when our MP stood up for us.  I do, however, remember Julie Kirkbride’s expenses scandal and, very recently, Sajid Javid's government department cutting the town's Revenue Support Grant and almost bankrupting the district council. Indeed, as a local councillor, I hear first-hand the heartache caused by our government, but all I see is the very person who should be representing us in Westminster doing nothing. Bromsgrove has been a safe Tory seat for too long. Its MPs have got into the habit of neglecting the town and its residents, whilst they arrogantly pursue glamorous careers in politics.

The 8th June affords us the choice to vote for an alternative - a proactive local representative with a proven track record of putting Bromsgrove first. I have young children and, like many of you, understand the financial difficulties faced by working families. For most families, budgeting is essential and so many of us rely on the support of national and local government. I have lived long enough to know difficult times; I have, however, never known times more unstable, more uncertain and more dangerous than today’s. The government’s only answer to running an economy is to hit the vulnerable – it is as crass as it is ineffective. Five more years of Tory rule will only put our livelihoods, and those of our loved ones, at further risk.

The irresponsible actions of our government occur, of course, against the backdrop of our exit from the EU. There are negotiations happening now that will define not only our future, but the futures of many generations to come. The Labour Party is committed to an exit deal that protects jobs, living standards and the economy, as opposed to arrogantly crashing out. A poor deal from the EU will not hurt the very wealthy like Gove, Duncan-Smith and, for that matter, Sajid Javid. If elected I will be the MP that Bromsgrove deserves.

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